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wrapping yourself in plastic= faster weight loss?

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I've heard a lot that if you wrap yourself in plastic (your stomach, thighs, and arms) while exercising, you'll lose weight in that area faster. is this true? because I really need to lose some inches off my thighs so I was curious if wrapping plastic around my thighs and then exercising would make me lose weight there.
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That is a very bad idea, your skin needs to breath, esspecially during a work out.  Where ever you heard that is wrong.  You'd end up doing some sort of damage to yourself.

I don't see how that logically could make sense either.

i'd go with no... you need your sweat to evaporate while you're working out to prevent you from overheating. it sounds dangerous as well as illogical.

edit - aaaand i just said the same thing as nocturne :) i need to improve my typing speed...
The theory behind it is a little odd. Some believe that if you raise the temperature to the muscle it will cause the muscle to burn and release fat cells. Raising the temp. in one area does nothing, if that was the case you could put Ben Gay on your abs and watch the fat melt away! It is completely ridiculous.
I agree, NO WAY lol  
If that worked, they'd sell saran wrap at the gym. And what a noisy place it would be ...

If anything, all you'd lose is a little more water, and you'd put it right back on once you had a drink.   You wouldn't lose fat (which I assume is what you want to lose) because you don't sweat fat.  And you also can't target one particular body area for fat loss; you just have to burn more calories than you take in, and your body decides where it's going to take the fat from first. 

Work out and eat sensibly.   If there was a quick fix, why would so many people have weight problems?

The best thing to do when you hear about a "miraculous" and "easy" way to lose weight, go and find someone who's in great shape, or who has lost a lot of weight and kept it off for at least 3 years, and ask them what their secret is:  I bet none of them credit saran wrap, meal replacements, cleansing fasts or expensive supplements for their success.
ugh that sucks. but it does make sense why it would be unhealthy. thanks guys!
I know someone who did that. He was a wrestler, he did it at night while he slept when he wrestled for the school.
Now, 5 or 6 years later, he has twig looking legs and arms and cannot build more muscle mass. He ruined his body, not to mention his muscles, by depriving it just so that he could "make weight". It's extremely dangerous.
I would NOT suggest you even TRY it.
If you wrap your ENTIRE body in plastic wrap and then wriggle on the floor like a larvae for 30 minutes, you'll lose 30 pounds instantly.

It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine... maybe...
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