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What workouts can I do with a toe injury?

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So this past weekend I was out with my friends when a guy in the club stepped on my toe and injured me. Luckily it wasnt broken but the nail had to be removed in the hospital and it hurts pretty bad. I have a bandage and a little boot since I cant really wear closed toe shoes with it right now. 

I like to work out a lot and stay in shape. I had been running and doing Insanity which I cant really do now with my toe hurt. I was thinking I can still to upper body and ab workouts since that doesnt put pressure on my foot to sit and do arm weights but I was wondering if there was any way to get in some cardio. At my apartment complex there is a free gym which I use and their cardio equipment is elipticals, treadmills, and the workout bike where your legs are stretched out in front of you to choose from.  


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