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Hi, I am having problems with weight around the area of my lower and upper back. I was wondering if there is any workouts to lose this area faster?

I need to lose inches to fit into a gown I bought for my sister in laws wedding.

I know how to lose other areas on my body but this is my biggest problem area.

I just need my dress it zip up and it won't at the moment.

If anyone has any tips at all for work outs that can trim down this problem area please let me know!

Thanks to anyone who gives suggestions!

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unfortunately you can't spot train to reduce fat in specific areas.

So if I lose 10-20 pounds do you think I would lose all over including that area?

yea i think if you you loose 10-20lbs it will help alot.. but it depends like does the dress fit you like where is the zipper getting stuck at? why did u buy a dress that was too small?

Weight loss in general.  You cannot spot reduce.  I did seated rows with 60-65 pound weights, 5x5.  I lost 2 inches across my back but it took awhile - like several months.   You should have bought your correct size dress.

Someone bought me a used dress thats worth over 300 dollars at a thrift store that was my size or so they and I thought but you cannot go by sizes anymore due to them being all over the place. The dress cost was 3 dollars and 50 cents but it beautiful! A prom like dress.

So It's not tight at all fits everywhere else but across my back. I don't have allot of money and I was hoping to fit into it before my sister in laws wedding. The wedding is very very elegant and I need a very fancy dress.

So I wasn't there when they bought it, it was supposed to be my size but its not. I was just wondering. That is why I didn't buy one in my size.

Overall weight loss is your best bet. How long do you have before the wedding, and is there a possibility of getting a seamstress to alter it to make it fit? It would be worth talking to one to see if it's possible and how much it would cost.

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