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Should I workout with a sprained foot?

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So I know I have to baby it and keep it sedentary as much as I can,... what about the elliptical? I know I sadly have to skip kickboxing tonight *tears* but can I do an elliptical where your feet are mostly stationary?


I know there are lots of experts and medical people on here, so I'm hoping you say yes, but will prob listen if you say no. Thanks in advance!

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When I sprained my foot a couple years ago, I couldn't put weight on it for at least a week (but it was a doozie of a sprain)!  I slowly got back to working out but I only put as much pressure on that foot as was comfortable and that didn't seem to interfere with the healing process.

I'd say try the elliptical - if it's just a light sprain and you can still walk on that foot - but call it a day when/if your foot starts to ache.

BTW: mine took a good 1 1/2 - 2 months to heal up 100% but, like I said, it was a bad one.  Hopefully, your's will heal much quicker.

No. If you have been diagnosed with a sprain...stay off the elliptical, treadmill, et al. Give you foot some time to heal. Your foot is in a weakened state and you will end up injuring it much more serverly and will need to be off it for a much longer time.

Most severe injuries related to working out are because people IGNORE lesser symptoms and often times, even ignore their trainers and dr's orders...

You can still do upper body strength/lifting and even some lower body strength but lay off the impact!


Original Post by fitnessgirll:

No. If you have been diagnosed with a sprain...stay off the elliptical, treadmill, et al. Give you foot some time to heal.

I would think the elliptical would be pretty benign... low-impact, feet more or less stationary during the movement?

(Then again, I'm sure the best thing you can do for a sprained foot is stay off it in the first place...)

I think deep down you know the answer really!

If it's a sprain you need to rest it!  What's the point of risking further damage?  I strained my erector spinae while deep squatting a couple of weeks back, searched all over the internet to see if I could carry on training if I just strap on a belt, deep down I knew I had to rest it, got back in the gym after 3 days and felt so much better for the rest!

While the elliptical is great for non-impact for joints, a sprain is a muscle or ligament injury.  Some of the ligaments in the foot/ankle actually start in the back of the calf.  A sprain is an injury, and will get worse if not allowed to heal, just like any other injury.  Keep it elevated as much as possible and ice it several times a day.   If the pain lasts more than 3-4 days with limited activity, you should have it evaluated by a foot specialist or a doctor specializing in sports injuries. 

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