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I planned out three 3-week sets of working out on Monday, Weds., Friday.  I timed it right for my second 3-week set because my first one was getting too easy.  But when I did it last night it took almost 3 hours to complete and I even forgot my walk/jumprope.  It felt like a good workout and I'm not sore at all, but I want to write it down and see if anyone has some suggestions that maybe will help me out more?? (dumbell weights or leg weights will be after exercise and set-x-reps and ___ means I didn't do it!, fyi)

 Feb25-Mar16   wks 4,5,6  Mon,Weds,Fri

45min walk (with dog)___, 8x12 overhead triceps 5lb

6x5 pushups, 7x50 jacknifes (on ablounge)

8x12 bicep curls 5lb, 8x12 bicep curls 10lb

6x12 lateral raises 5lb, 2x6 lateral raises 10lb

8x12 leg extensions 2.5lb, 8x12 dubbed "V leg" 2.5lb

7x12 squats 15lb, 8x10 shoulder shrugs 10lb

4x6 shoulder shrugs 5lb, 8x12 flies (on back) 5lb

4x8 flies (on back) 10lb, 8min jumprope___

15min jog 2.5lb, 5x4 overhead triceps 10lb

5x4 bicep curls 15lb, 3x6 flies (on back) 15lb

5x6 calf raises 10lb, 60min pilates

  Other than the lateral raises the 5lbs are mostly just to get my arms warm.  I do slow reps usually with a 10sec break between sets.  Any ideas?

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and i don't have a clue how to fix how it looks :-( sorry
Why so many sets? by my count your doing 20 sets of bicep curls!!! that seems like a lot. If I were you I'd cut down the number of sets and increase the amount of weight. I'd also focus on large muscle groups (bicep curls and tricep exercises should be an afterthought, not a major focus of the workout). Focus on doing 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps of squats, deadlifts, chest-press, shoulder press and lat exercises.
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