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Working out with the T.V.

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Ok, so currenly, I do Namaste Yoga with my DirectTV.  It only lasts half an hour(with 2 commercial breaks) but I do it every weekday and sometimes I do 2 of the same shows. (5 hours apart)  Then Saturdays I do 2 shows back to back.  And take Sundays off. 

I feel silly doing this.  Like, wow what can that half an hour do when classes are like, what, and hour and a half?   So I'm open to suggestions on if I should keep doing this or if I should go to find a class do that only 1 times a week.

I do do other things too, other than yoga.  But I Don't feel like this is true yoga.  I've found a few good videos that I sometimes do enstead.  Maybe I should stick to these and not the one on TV.  Basicaly.. help?
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