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Working Out while sore?

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I am a bit sore today, basically all over, from a good hard run yesterday. I don't want to skip today, but I just wanted to confirm that I won't be hurting my body by trying to exercise while I am sore. I was thinking of splitting my workout today between strength and cardio, doing upper body then doing the elliptical for like 20 minutes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was actually wondering the same thing 2 days ago before running again.  I did a lot of searches online (like on yahoo answers) and the general answer was that it's ok and probably even good to run if you're a little sore since it will release the lactic acid that built up in your muscles.  Just be sure to have a good long warm-up and stretch plenty afterwards.  And let your body recover - drink enough water and get enough sleep tonight.  Also, give yourself a chance.  It might take you a couple of minutes to get your "running legs" back.  If you're REALLY sore and can't go on after a few minutes, then, maybe walk instead.

In case you're wondering, I decided to jog in spite of my soreness and did fine.  I stretched extra long afterwards.  I even was fine enough to jog to a new personal best yesterday and I'm barely sore today.  I think you need to work through the soreness in order for your body to improve.

The only time you should give your body a rest is from strength training.  If you're doing resistance training (weights), you shouldn't do it 2 days in a row so your body can heal.  You should never weight train the same muscles on consecutive days.
Thanks for the reply! It is certainly helpful. I really need to stretch more (read: at all). It is my biggest problem at the moment. Stretching is just so annoying. Well, it needs to be done I suppose.

I will do my workout today but play the cardio by ear, like you suggest.

Thanks again.
The reason you are sore is because you have worked muscles that haven't been worked in quite a time. Congratulations on working new muscles...I personally love the soreness.

Unless you are in unbareable pain, I don't see a problem with working out the next day...just don't get carried away with the workout. Of course, you may want to take the next day off, just to make sure you don't wear down the muscle you've worked on.
To respond to your comment of stretching being annoying...really!?  haha I seriously look forward to stretching!  For me it's like "yes..I'm finally done exercises..I can sit down, relax, and stretch now!"

Try making it something relaxing for you to look forward to.  Stretching definitely helps with soreness in the days after a good workout.  Learn a few basic stretches that will really hit all of your large muscles and start with those.  If you want, add in more varied stretches later :)
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Any good stretching exercises you recommend?

I have started jogging recently and I am ALWAYS sore. I don't want to hurt myself and want to stretch before I run (ok run sloooowly :))
I ran after a hardcore exercise the day before that left me sore, and it really wasn't that big of a deal. The soreness (if you are implying exercise pain and not something else) will not hurt your body at all to exercise with it. It usually gets ignored when you run again anyways :)
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So True.. Thanks!

Do you start running as soon as your exercise regimen starts?

Is there any schedule you recommend 2 mins walk..1 min run etc for a novice like me?

I am winded really early and would love to improve my stamina.
I have also heard - but haven't researched it for myself yet - that exercising even through the soreness is good for those muscles and it actually reduces the soreness in the long run because it works out the lactic acid instead of letting it settle there.

I did the same thing - worked out HARD on Friday and on Saturday I could hardly move I was so sore.  But I decided to hit it again, just a little less intense and about half the distance, and I was fine.  It took me a little longer to get into it on Saturday - I had to really make an effort to get started, but once I was warmed up and moving, I didn't feel any soreness at all.

I've worked out every day since, and the soreness, while still there, is MUCH better than it was on Saturday.   I really do think it works.
I was about to make a post on this untill I saw yours. I am soooooooooooo sore from doing pilates for the first time in a while on Sat. & Sun. I wanted to do it again today but when I laid on the mat I realized my lower back is sore (I think mabey bruised from doing the roll thing, which I didn't see how that would be benificial anyways) Then when I tried to extend my legs in the air while laying on my back I couldn't even straighten them. They are sooooooo sore. My stomach is also sore. It looks like everybody says to work through the pain but is that just for running or should I suck it up and do my pilates today. I don't know what pilates would be considered too. Stength training? Resistance? Cardio? I know the lady on the video said that we were working the small muscle that connect to the larger muscles. So that was probably the first time those muscle have been worked in a while! And I don't know if stretching will help me cause thats basically all I did in the pilates workout. Alot of stretching and a some extra stuff to make it into a workout. 

I already did 30 min. on the ellipticle this morning and my legs were pretty sore for that but it was different cause I wasn't trying to flex and all that stuff like in pilates.

Should I rest for the rest of the day or just do it?
Exercise is somewhat addictive I think.   I could run every day and lift weights every day and even work the same muscle groups and so on but then I wouldn't make any progress.

If you are still early into a running program or something you should pace yourself not because of soreness but because there's a HIGHER risk of injury due to people trying to do to much too soon.

That's why every learning to run program out there (or couch to 5k program) makes you start out with just a very minimal amount of walking.

Certainly a seasoned runner can run every day and so on... but for someone that's overweight and trying to get into shape, overdoing it can quickly lead to injury and that can quickly lead to you getting discouraged from losing weight due to the down time to heal.

I only do high end cardio every other day.   I only work my upper body once or twice a week and no more.   I make dang sure that I'm giving my body a chance to heal up the muscles and build some new muscle in areas I haven't used in years.

Still it's addictive.   Expecially as you get to eat more when you exercise.   But at some point you will hit a roadblock.  It could be injury... it could just be so much fatigue that you physicly can't complete the same activity you did the day before.   Then, you'll incorporate more off days.   I learned my lesson the hard way... but atleast without injury.

i have always done cardio ( running or elliptical) everyday weither i am sore or not. i have found that the pain eventually goes away. I had a sore foot adn about 2 weeks ago i could barely walk seriously hard while carrying a 30lb toddler:) But i kept exercising on my elliptical and yesterday adn today i went for a run adn it felt GREAT!! Except my foot is a little sore. I ran about 8 miles and am stiff. Running with a running stroller realy hurts my back.

Keep up the great work adn keep on running:)
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