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working retail - how many calories burned?

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Does anyone have a way to help me figure out how many calories I may be burning at work? I work retail, in a book/cd/movie store. I am on my feet the entire time, moderate lifting, loading shopping bags, walking around, etc. I am sure I burn more than sedentary, I'm wondering if it's considered moderate or what... ? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm bumping this up b/c I didn't get any replies last night. Any suggestions... ? thanks
are you standing most of the time or do you walk around alot? if you do mostly standing i would say thats its not that mcuh but if you walk around alot it would be more.
Do you have a pedometer?  Wear one to work and see just how far you walk every day.  Some models teel you how many calories you are burning and some tell you how many miles/km you have wallked
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I am standing about half the time, moving around while standing though - like bending down to get shopping bags, loading shopping bags, taking movies and CDs out of their cases, etc. I think the other half of the time I am walking around. Pedometer is a good idea, I think I have one somewhere (never used it :).

I figure that 8-9 hours of doing that has to be some calories, more than sitting at a desk at least.


I'd use this activity:

Standing; Light - Bartending, Store Clerk, Assembling, Filing, Duplicating, Putting Up a Christmas Tree, Standing and Talking At Work, Changing Clothes When Teaching Physical Education
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That's probably accurate.. I used to work at a liquor store while I was in college a couple years ago, was on my feet at the register for 7 hours, ate wendy's for dinner 3 nights a week and managed to lose 10 pounds during the first 2-3 months of working there.. Granted I was also in school adn walked a lot from my apt to class, and then from my apt to work (which was 1 hour roundtrip) but I also ate whatever I wanted.. Like 2 eggs every morning with sausage, etc.. Retail can be demanding if you work hard ;)

Then I got that "real job" after school and I gained 10 pounds in my first year :( Can't keep my old lifestyle.... Now I have joined LA Weight loss and am trying to lose my post college weight and then some..
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That is great vizcan, thank you. I think that is pretty accurate too. I appreciate the help!!!

Maddcat6, I have a "real" job where I usually work basic 9-5, and then I have this part time job working retail which I do about 20 hours per week. I know I burn more working retail, I can tell - like you said. I will eat a ton over the weekend but not gain weight. And it's a different feeling, like I can just tell I am burning calories. It's not empty hunger, it's real hunger, if that makes any sense... it's hard to explain!! It feels a lot different than working at my regular job at a desk.

I worked in retail before, stand, walk, run, climb etc, basically on my feet for about 10hr a day. After a while, even though I was exhausted after a day's work, I didn't think I burned enough calories. Why? Your body adjusted itself to your routine activity. It became more efficient with burning and saving calories, in short not much calories were used.

Not meant to be disheartening, just so that you don't over estimate the calories burned and ended up having too little deficit, that's all. :)
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