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Is it just me or does working out make you have to urinate more often?

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I am about 30lbs overweight. I drink water during the day and I walk or go to the gym in the evenings. Even if I go to the bathroom before my 3 mile walk or hour on the elliptical, once I start moving, I always feel like I could go. Then, jogging makes the feeling worse. I hope this question is not offending anyone but is it just me or does exercise increase your desire to urinate?

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Hi candie1991! I use to have this problem so I started measuring the amount of water I drink during the day. For example, I have 8oz of orange juice every morning and 16 oz of water throughout the day between 9-5pm. I had to figure something out because I workout after I get off work (around 5:45pm) and once upon a time by I was having to leave the park to go to the restroom. Once I come back from my workout I have dinner with crystal light and have another 8 oz of water with my snack. I think it's just a matter of learning your bladder. I hope this helps.

Thank you cccaddell. That is very helpful. I drink 5 16 oz cups of water between 9 and 5 so that may be the problem!


is your job sedentary? i notice for myself if i have classes all day, that means just sitting on a chair all day and taking notes. as soon as i head home ( i cycle from school) i get the feeling too. its more like when you sit on a chair and drink a lot the liquid sort of goes all over your body, a bit like when sleeping; while if you get up and about, well it gathers in one place :) and wants out.

but i also noticed that even tho i drink the same amount of water, when i exercise, i do pee more. Again its a bit the same story as earlier, only your muscles contract more from the work out.


Sipping water throughout the day seems to make me go less than just downing a glass periodically.  I still make it a point to go whenever the opportunity is handy so that I'm not inconveniently needing the facilities.

I am sorry. I meant Jelly Bird

Thank you smw! I do have  have a desk job and sit a lot sometimes. I try to get up and walk and walk 30 minutes during lunch but not every day. That could be a piece of it. Thank you very much!

Yes, I sip all day but try to finish the last glass and end up gulping it down. I might just have to sip and not pay so much attention to the number of cups during the day. Thank you smw!

yes yes yes, i work in an offfice and rather then eat i drink water. and when i go for my 8miles the first 3 miles i always have to use the bathroom! i noticed if i stop drinking up to an hour and 30 before i excersise,i dont need to use the bathroom as much when i workout.

I will try that as well, itsmeeeeeliz. On the nights I know I am going to work out I will stop drining about 2 hours before. I will sip instead of guzzle and try more movement during the day! Thank you all!

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