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work out after waking up?

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I don't have much time to exercise throughout the day and the free time I have is the hour I take lying in bed in the morning waiting for my alarm clock to go off.

Would it be a good idea to use this time to workout? I was thinking wake up, jump rope for 15 minutes, stretching, weights, crunches, cool down, rest, shower, eat breakfast. Good? Bad?

If bad, what should I do to make it better? Should I eat first? How much/what should I eat and how long should I weight before beginning the routine?

Thank you!
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do you honestly think anyone on this site is going to tell you that exercising instead of laying around is bad?
belle - sounds great!  try it out and see how it feels! if you feel weak during the workout (after about 15 minutes), try to eat a little something next time before-hand to give you energy.  if i wake up and run, i often eat a small granola bar (about 120 calories) or sometimes even just half ... but personally i get super weak if i have nothing in my stomach (it doesn't bother some people though).  afterwards i take a shower then have real food.
I think that's a great idea!  That's what I do and I find that I feel better throughout the rest of the day.  I get up and drink something (not a lot because I don't want it sloshing around in my stomach while I'm running), stretch, and run for 30-50 minutes.  Then I come back, shower and change and eat breakfast, which is usually oatmeal and an English muffin, and then I'm off to work for the day with my blood pumping.  I think it's a great idea and you should definitely try it!

I tried the exact same thing - getting up and working out immediately for 10-15 minutes - doing the exact same thing - like 150 jump ropes, some weights and streching.  I had heard that exercising in the morning for a short time is more effective than during any other time of the day, which is why I tried it out.

The very 1st day that I did this, I went into the take a shower after the morning workout and started to feel queasy, so I got out of the shower b/c I felt like throwing up and just ended up dry heaving.  I sat down on the toilet seat and closed my eyes because my ears were ringing and I felt really nauseaous and queasy, and the next thing I knew I had passed out!!!

My head hit the bathroom floor - not too hard though, thankfully - and it 'woke' me up, and I ended up dragging myself out to my bed and just laid under the fan until I felt better.

Later, I spoke to my cousin (who's a doctor) and he told me that it's probably b/c in the morning your blood sugar is low and your heart rate isn't quite up yet so any strenuous exercise can cause you to black out like that.

So, if you plan to workout in the morning, eat something first - like some fruit - and then workout and/or only do some light streching and yoga.

Hope this helps!
vmcbutterfly, lol of course not. but my question is if right after waking up is the best time to work out.

teenwolf and melbo, good to see it works for you! I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

rose, I'll be careful :) Everyone has their different peak periods during the day so I'll just try it out and see if it works for me.
you should work out whenever your body tells you that you can. don't force yourself to workout if you're dragging your feet at 5 am in the morning. do it whenever its convenient and ou can get the most of yourself.
If you want to exercise in the morning without having breakfast first, Please keep in mind a couple of things:

1. Make sure you have enough glycogen reserve to perform your workout. While you were sleeping, your body used your reserve to keep you alive during sleeping. Consider that period of sleeping a 6-8 hour of fasting. in which you didn't eat/drink.  Athletes who have to compete or perform first thing in the morning usually ate a lot of carb for dinner the previous night to make sure they have enough reserve the next morning to give them a jump start. (they will refuel it with breakfast soon after though usually).

If you don't have enough that is what's going to happen. You are going to Crash. That seems to be what happened with rose1222. Happened to me once (although I didn't pass out) and I learned since then.

2. Your body needs to wake up too. Let it warm up and get coordinated with enough warm-ups before you increase intensity. Heart Rate for some people are lowest in the morning too (including me). Waking up doesn't mean just your eyes open, but also your mind, body, and heart rate :)

Drawing from personal example that recently just happened to me:
I usually workout in the morning for 20-30 min doing high intensity cardio. A couple days ago I was only 5 minutes into the routine and started to feel quesy in my stomach. So, I stopped.

I know people like to say "mind over matter", well, not always the case. I stopped, ate my usual breakfast (2 soft boiled egg, small cup of milk with flaxseed granola cereal, fat free cottage cheese & blueberries).
Waited about 40min, then I continue. Result? I had more energy, able to put in more power into my punches and kicks and movements. In the end I burned mroe calories (as recorded by Polar F6).

So, yes, it is never bad to exercise first thing in the morning, but make sure you atuned to your body. Best as precaution is to have something before you do, even a small glass of fruit juice.

yes, its beter to work out as soon as you wake up because your body has no food which means that there are no daily nurtients. if u work out as soon as u wake up then u are burning 4X more body fat percentage. make sure to streatch throughouly though due to the lack of blood movment while u are asleep
I found that working out in the morning, before work, was benificial for a few reasons.  I can get it out of the way and feel good the rest of the day knowing I did something good for myself.  It gives me more energy and enhances my self-esteem.  I don't have to worry that something will keep me from working out in the evening, after work, something unexpected or some lame excuse, too tired, etc.  It has become part of my morning routine just like showering, flossing, etc. 

I do have a cup of coffee and an english muffin and piece of fruit beforehand.  I also read the paper for about 15 minutes or watch the news.  Then I jump up from the sofa and go to my spare room where I have a TV, balance balls, and my weights.  I pop in a video, usually a Denise Austin or a Firm tape and workout for 30 minutes to an hour depending on what time I get up.  I don't get in to the office until 9:30, but that is what works for me.  Each person has to find what fits best in their daily routine.  Also, I now view working out as something I will have to do for the rest of my life and not just something to make me look better so I can fit into an outfit and then forget about it.  Getting this mindset has really helped keep me motivated.  Now I enjoy the way I feel during and after exercise.   I've been doing this since the beginning of January 2007.  I try to do 30 to 60 minutes of really tourgh exercise every other day.  Most in between days I do 15 to 30 minutes of upper body weights, yoga, balance ball, or pilates.   The main thing I can suggest to you is to not work out in the morning if you feel weak or dizzy.  Listen to your body.  If you feel a little light headed or weak, then eat first, drink some water and have some water close by.  You will know when your body is ready to get active.  If you feel weak after exercising, rest a bit before getting in the shower.  Allow enough time so you don't cause yourself stress by being late for work.  That will defeat the purpose of exercising in the morning.  Use good time management skills. 

morning cardio: good for burning fat on empty stomach (drink protien shake! lol so you dont loose muscle)

If your working with weights and for muscle purposes:  drink some protien shake and some carbs in there too 30 min before.

I have found it's a great time.  According to your goals drink a protein shake immediately upon waking (if you aren't trying to lose weight have some oatmeal or other complex carb too).  Then I do stretching, a 5 min warmup on eliptical, weight training, and finish with cardio (amount depending on fat I need to burn or time I have left).  Then protein after workout.  It has worked great for me the last 18 months (1st 6 mo's was after work and was eating dinner too late).  I do a 4 day split M/T/TH/F. Currently it's Mon-chest/back, Tues-Legs/abs, Th-Bi's/Tri's, Fri-Shoulders/traps/abs.
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