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Do I have to work out every day?

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This is such a silly question, but on the days that I don't work out I feel like such a loser!  But yesterday I did 45 minutes on the elipitcal, arms for 15 minutes, and then went to physical therapy where I did what seemed like HUNDREDS of squats... today I can barely walk!  I don't FEEL like working out because I am in so much pain, but in my head I feel like if I don't work out I will never lose the weight that I want to lose!  help!
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you absolutely do not have to work out everyday, especially when you work out that strenuously.

They reccomend 30 minutes of ACTIVITY everyday for general health/heart health, but as for true exercise, absolutely not.  Some people get results from three days a week.

Exercise shouldnt become self-punishing.  if you hurt, take a day off.
You need to listen to your body.  If you are really sore taking an extra of rest is OK from everything I have heard.  Just don't let it turn into multiple days.
your body needs time to recover. you will wind up injured if you don't give it the break it needs.
maybe yoga, swimming, or tai chi would help on a day like this.

weight training should be done every other day if you work your whole body.

Go into a pool? You can swim or you can just play around in it. You could try yoga depending on what you hurt. You can also work on a part of your body that doesn't hurt.
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I think there is way out. Working out for loosing weight is not necessary. By working out we burn more than we eat. So you are always dragging yourself. All life. Whenever you miss you are back to where you were and much more. Think again you are eating less and burning more. In this method you are always punishing yourself.

By practice you can start enjoying this punishng system. After all people enjoy snake bites, pricks etc. If you think punishing yourself is necessary do what you feel like.

Now consider eating same quantity but using it to produce more energy (better digestion). That extra energy will force you to burn more. That will not work as drag on you. You will be like a child - bubling with energy and jumping and laughing all day with your new found energy. In this you are always playing all your life. You will have the best body and soul.

Accoding to me to get the maximum out of your meal - you should not drink any water or other liquids with or after meals. You should drink 3-4 glasses of water before each meal with a gap of 15 minutes each. After last glass of water wait for 30 minutes before taking meals. You will never get overweight. You will always be young. You will never die. No disease.

If you are in pain you need to rest.  If you are in physical therapy then you must have an injury to some part of your body and working out too much will just agravate the condition or cause another injury elsewhere.  I was working out on a painful wrist and developed tennis elbow and now have shoulder issues- taking care of the wrist and having my elbow injected with steroids is helping but I've had to rest my arm and can't do some exercises anymore until I completely heal. 

After you feel better then work out.  Just eat a little lighter.  Taking a day off is a good idea and you shouldn't feel bad about it. 

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Wow! According to Rajan, not only will you lose weight by eating more and smiling in place of exercising, you will become immortal!


Taking a day to rest is CRUCIAL to being able to perform an effective workout the following day. If your body cannot adjust to the new demands you are placing on it, it will never adapt to a new active lifestyle. Think of it as teaching your body. When our brains learn a new concept, we need time to mull it over, digest it, sleep on it. Plus if you are too sore to work out you will probably just end up injuring yourself.

Yoga is the best thing you can do during a repair day. If you are feeling super guilty (which you shouldn't be), take a leisurely walk outside, or tidy up your house.



Original Post by wanttolookhotnaked:

Wow! According to Rajan, not only will you lose weight by eating more and smiling in place of exercising, you will become immortal!

Maybe Rajan's views have changed, since he's had more than three years to think about it.


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