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Any women starting p90x?

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Hi,  I'm new here.  I'm going to start the P90X program on Jan. 5th.  I was wondering if there were any women out there that are either thinking about starting the program or already doing it.  I need to lose around 30lbs and hopefully this will work for me.  I know I need to change my eating habits so I'm going to try and follow the eating plan too.  Just curious if anyone has had great results with this plan.

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Original Post by qmwillcand:

Plyometrics looked easy at the beginning, but by the end of the hour, I probably  looked like a newborn giraffe stumbling around the living room.

 Congrats on making it through Plyo!  That one is a beast :)  The first few times I did it, I had to stop and sit down because I got queasy!

thanks sharp! Afterwards, I thought to myself "how is it that hippity-hopping around was so hard". Just like childbirth- you forget the pain. I'll remember it when I do it again next Tuesday though.

Yoga nearly busted my butt. 90 minutes, holy crap! I feel like Gumby right now. (I've never done any yoga before).

4 down, only 86 to go.

Can someone explain the program?  I see there are 12 different DVD's/ you do one each day?  How long are they?  What special equiptment do you need?  I live in Africa right now and have ZERO access to anything like weights, resistance bands etc, so I think I wouldn't get everything out of the videos, but I can't see where it says what you need and how the program works. 


dove, it's a 13 week program that is set up for doing 6 days a week (day 7 is light and optional). The weeks are in sets of 3 with a recovery week for every 4th.

I'm only on day 5, but the videos I've done so far are 1hr long, with the exception of yoga which is 90 mins.

As far as equipment, it says you need resistance bands, chin-up bar, weights, and yoga mat. I don't have bands or bar yet, and I found that it really is needed for a lot of the exercises on the chest and back disc.

As far as weights, if you have no access to getting some, get creative! Everything around you has weight to it- cans of soup, pots, books, etc. It's not ideal, but you could make it work if you really wanted to!

Since the program is not really inexpensive, you might want to consider a different DVD program, one that doesn't require these things.

How's everyone else doing with it? Yoga pretty near killed me yesterday! Holy smokes, there was nothing about that I found relaxing, except for the corpse pose and the fetal pose. I have already mastered those ones, as I do them every night from 11pm to 650am! :P

Yesterday was my Yoga day too...i dislike the yoga most of all. But, that being said, I get to do Kenpo on Saturday and that one is fun!

Saturday will be my first ever Kenpo day- hooray for something to look forward to! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to work out today because my body felt/feels like a piece of tenderized meat. I just told myself to buck up- everybody has a week 1. As soon as I got done warming up I felt better.

Plans for the rest of the day include a hot bath (60% water, 40% Rub A535) and going to get my BF% tested.

I. Ache. Everywhere.

I'm going to have to dig really deep if I'm going to get the Kenpo in tonight. I only had 5 hours of sleep last night, worked all day, and am coming down with a bug.

Couldn't get the BF% tested yesterday as planned because there weren't any gyms that could do it without at least a 1 day advance notice, so I'm getting it done next Wednesday.

I will do it tonight. It will be 6 down, 84 to go.

Can anyone tell me what workouts I start with, I just finished downloading the entire program, but I don't have the intruction on when to do what dvd, I plan on starting on Monday and am really excited p90x looks like a great but chalenging program. 

cmarchand, I can't seem to locate my book, but here's how the first 3 weeks go

  1. chest and back, ab ripper
  2. plyometrics
  3. shoulders and arms, ab ripper
  4. yoga
  5. legs and back, ab ripper
  6. kenpo
  7. stretch (optional)

I'm 31, female, and just starting my 3rd week of P90X this week.  I worked out quite a bit before attempting the program.  I finally got the hang of using the resistance bands instead of the bar... so that I could actually feel it and make it simulate pull-ups/chin-ups.  I've noticed my flexibility has really improved because of all the stretching in all the warm-ups and cool-downs.  I'm losing weight and inches... especially off my waist.  It is a tough work-out program, but definitely worth the time, effort and money.

Question:  I'm doing 3 days of running on the same days as the weight training.  I'm doing this to train for a 5k run in April.  Do you think I could switch up kenpo or plyo for a run or should I just stick with the program as it is?

Holaaa~! I'm 15 and of the female gender, and just starting P90x.. again. I did it last year but around November I got sick of Tony and just.. stopped. I've never gotten so strong before, though, and I want to try again and actually get through a full round.

Chest and back is the worst for me. @_@ Does anyone else have such a hard time with push-ups as I do? I can do a couple now on my toes, but only a couple and not all the way down to the floor like a normal person can.. atleast not right now. I know I'll build strength over time, but right now I don't look forward to that workout..

I actually look forward to plyo the most. >w< Jumping around for an hour is like a holiday for me. I have such a love hate relationship with Yoga.. I find the routine to be fine, but Tony talking through out the thing just bugs the living daylights out of me.. am I the only one? Any ideas on how to get through Yoga without being annoyed?

meghan_cameron - You could always rotate it on a weekly basis, ie one week instead of plyo do kenpo, but run on your plyometrics day, and so forth. Or you can run on your day off for an extra day of running.  But it's really up to you, I think you'll still get excellent results as long as you're doing something.

I've read reviews on this, I love Tony Horton, I did the original series and saw some serious results.  I would love to do p90x but in a review it said it was not for a beginner or novice exerciser.  You can do some serious damage.  Can anyone dispell this for me because I have not bought it for that reason.

jjlewis, I'm a beginner. I don't run or do any sort of regular exercise- the most I'd done within the last year was some walking and recumbent biking. Having said that, I've always been pretty flexible, and am skinny fat, meaning I'm already slim-ish, but have some extra padding, especially around the middle.

I've done 1 week, and took breaks as I needed them. If there was something I felt I simply could not do yet, I'd try and then watch until they went to something else.

At the start of the program there's a fit test. They say if you can do the fit test, you can do the program.

I started P90X on January 1st, but then my whole family came down with the stomach flu. Besides that little side-track, I'm now on day 9. My calves have never hurt like this before (Legs and Back routine). I thought I was going to tear something last night. Is anything taking the Recovery Drink?

I have the chin-up bar, but I can only do a couple at a time and then I switch to the bands. I bought the door attachment for the bands, so it stimulates what the people on the DVDs are doing. The chin-up bar is really easy to assemble and put up. I say it's easy - my husband did it for me without too much cussing.

I've never done YOGA before. I thought it was going to be a relaxing way to exercise. Boy was I wrong! I'm about the least flexible person I know and totally uncoordinated. I'm making progress if I don't fall during a position. I'm pretty sure you can turn off Tony's running commentary. When the DVD first comes up, it says "Normal", "Music Off" and some other options. I know I accidently turned off his commentary and only heard his cues. Since I'm just starting, I need to listen to everything, but I'm pretty sure I'll get tired of his voice. Love ya Tony!

My pause button on my DVD remote is staring to wear out; I take more breaks than ol' Tony and the gang.

Meghan - I need to start running as well. Did you run before or are you just starting?

Original Post by aclayton:

Is anything taking the Recovery Drink?


I've never done YOGA before. I thought it was going to be a relaxing way to exercise. Boy was I wrong!

I've never taken it- I see it as a marketing thing. If I want a post workout snack, I'll either have a protein shake or even just a glass of milk, good source of protein there!

Yeah, yoga. *shudders* don't have to face it for another 2 more days thank goodness. I'm flexible, but these people are more than just flexible, they're like contortionists or something.

Today will be my day 9. Plyo..yikes! I'd better take something for motion sickness before I do this one :S  I'm coming off of a cold and am not sure how well I'll handle it.

I've heard that milk - especially chocolate milk is good to drink after exercising. My BIL did P90X and he swore by the Recovery Drink, so I bought it. It's really, really good - I look forward to drinking it, but I'm not seeing any difference. My under-arms hurt this morning when I put on my deoderant. I think I'm just extremely out of shape. If that's the case, I hate to think how I would feel with out the drink!

Today was my Rest/Stretch day. I skipped an Ab Ripper this week, so I made it up today along with the Stretch. The Stretching routine uses a lot of YOGA moves and I think I'm getting better. I didn't fall this morningLaughing

Good luck with the Plyo! Are you doing the Classic routine? I was doing Classic, but I think I might switch to the Lean.

HAHA! Love the picture! There's one girl on Yoga and Stretch that can probably do that.

I did P90X last year and loved it.  I was probably in the best shape I have ever been in.  You all have motivated me to dust it off and start again.  I am not sure if I will do the lean or classic this time.  Most likely the lean!  Good luck to all of you and hang in there, it is well worth it!

aclayton.  I started running in November.... I was doing walk/run intervals and slowly increased the lenght of my running intervals, while shortening my walk intervals.  I started with walk 2 minutes for every minute of running.   Then made it even 1 for 1, then 2 minutes running for every minute of walking and now I am into full-on running with a walk warm-up and cool-down at the beginning and end.  I'm hopiing to run a 5k in April, and I'm just getting used to running 5k in about 30 mins... it's a push though.  So, I run on the same day that I do weights.  I run in the morning and then do the workouts in the evening. 

Yes, the Yoga definitely takes some getting used to and last night I did the lovely, lovey stretch routine.  My flexibility has increased phenomenally.... wow, I can't believe how much more flexible I am. 

Original Post by aclayton:

Good luck with the Plyo! Are you doing the Classic routine? I was doing Classic, but I think I might switch to the Lean.

Yep, classic.

mmdsc, woo!  it's nice to know that there are others out there hurtin' (or gonna be) just as much as I am :P

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