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Women over 40 who are tone and fit or looking to get tone and fit

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I started a journey two and a half years ago with the sole purpose of losing 250 pounds and to regain my health.  Now that I'm only 30 pounds from my goal, and in great health (after a battle with kidney cancer), I've found a love for working out at the gym and a desire to get my body into shape. 

I'll be 49 this year and would love to hit 50 looking buff (anyone seen recent pictures of a 50-year old Madonna?  WOW!). 

These days I'm a bit of a gym rat and spend 6-7 days a week at the gym doing one hour of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio (I do more cardio at home every day).  I push myself very hard on the weights and reps with the help of a personal trainer.  Since I beefed up my routine, I'm starting to see fantastic results.  Unfortunately, no amount of exercise will get rid of my excess skin, that will have to be done through surgery, but I don't see any reason I can't get tone prior to surgery.

What I'm looking for here, are women who are over 40, who like me, want to have or do have buff bodies.  What do you do to get into shape?  How long have you been at it?  Are there any good Web sites that show before/after pics that I could use for motivation?  I'm not looking to get into body-building, muscle-packed shape.... just really tone with nice definition.

I have a very healthy diet -- no supplements other then a fiber tab, a multiple vitamin for women, and occasionally a vitamin B and/or D tab.

This might be a better forum post on the Motivation site, but I figured I'd have a better chance of finding sister gym rats on the Fitness site.

Please.... show me that it can be done after 40!!!!

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I play soccer with some amazingly fit women over 40. They are mostly runners, but they are well-sculpted and not just string-beans. Someone like Madonna, whose body is part of her job, so to speak, has time (and of course, resources) most of us don't have. Also, be sure to check out some youtube videos on photoshopping and how the pictures you see have been enhanced; mind boggling, really!

I guess all I'm trying to say is that yes, you can look great after 40 but don't think that means looking like Madonna, because it's quite possible that Madonna doesn't even look like that for real!

Best of luck and congrats on your amazing success!

Thanks for the words of confidence, mkculs.  As for Madonna.... she was the only 50-year old example I could think of at the time I was writing my post.  If you check out her forearms.... ick!  But photoshop or not, her arms, legs and abs are pretty amazing even for a much younger gal.  Then again, they should be with all her money, personal trainers, private cooks, etc!

I'm hoping to find some 'real' people on cc who can inspire me.  I've seen a few of you on some other posts, and WOW!


 I always like to point people at Morjorie Newlin when this comes up - at 86 she beat out women under half her age in bodybuilding shows ;)

Original Post by melkor:

 I always like to point people at Morjorie Newlin when this comes up - at 86 she beat out women under half her age in bodybuilding shows ;)

Holy cow!  Now THAT'S inspiring!!!


Morjorie Newlin is amazing- I can't believe she's 86!  It really makes you rethink the inevitability of aging. 

kaufmkk- I've seen some of your posts in the past and you have a wonderful story and are a great inspiration.  I have about 20lbs. left to go and share the same fitness goals.  In the past I've done a lot of cardio with some weights.  I know I really need to make the shift to strength training now.  It's funny to think about my previous eating habits and never exercising and how things have changed.  I never imagined myself as a fit person and it really is a paradigm shift. 

SHUT UP she's 86?!?!?!?!?!?! she looks incredible! besides the fact that i hope my butt stays as perky as it is now, i hope i look like that at 86

I did a little more reading about Morjorie and viewed a few more pictures.  What an amazing woman!  I was saddened to learn that she passed away in January of 2008 from leukemia.

luzd, 'paradigm shift' is a good way of stating our new journey. 

I'm trying to get brave enough to post some new 'before' pictures showing my arms, abs and back.  After only a few months of taking strength training seriously, I'm seeing some amazing results and can't wait to compare the muscle tone after another month or two of dedicated and intensified weight training. 

How strange.... my first 'before' pictures were of a morbidly obese me with a goal of having 'after' pics of a slender me.  I'm still 30 pounds from my goal weight, but now I'm thinking in terms of a new journey and new 'before' pics.  Only this time the before and after pics are to show muscle tone.


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I have lost 40 pounds since october and I still want to lose some other 22 pounds, I will be 49 in April, and I know that I am very close to menopause but I simply cannot give up!!!   I want to be toned, fit and well defined, just like you.

For inspiration I go for Holly Hunter who is 52, Sheryl Ladd (58) and many others in their 40s like Sheryl Crow (who has the most amazing and toned arms) Courtney Cox, Felicity Huffman, Andy McDowell.

I am always looking for inspirational sites, and have found some really nice ones, did you check  here is a fantastic article called The Ultimate Over-40 Fat Fighter

It is nice to know that there is another person who is feeling the same as me.

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