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Wii Fit Plus for weight loss?

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I"m wondering if anyone has had any weight loss success with the Wii Fit.  I purchased this because I HATE to exercise, but I hate being lazy and overweight as well.  I have used it for at least an hour a day, so at least it got me off the couch!

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Yes, I have!! I lost 15lbs in a month, working out on the Wii Fit. I also count my calories as well. It is very good.

I was curious what type of exercises you did with it. I have it and did it for a while, but to me it doesn't "feel" like a workout.

I say anything that get's you up off the couch and movin' is a good thing!  

I have a Wii, I do nopt have Wii fit, but I do have the sports game where you can play tennis, basball, golf. When I play tennis I really get into it, I run after ball, try to slam ball, I work up a sweat... I want to get the fitness board, and I would like to get the biggest loser tape, I hear it is a great exercise tool...

I've had success - 20 pounds in a year - and I also hate to exercise.  I did find that the Wii Fit didn't give a thorough enough workout and there was too much of a break between exercises.  For the past six months I've used the Fit or Fit Plus as a warm-up, and then used the EA Sports Active DVD (and now the More Active) as my main workout.  It doesn't require having a Fit, but does require a nunchuck.  The pre-programmed workouts are very good, and are available at three levels.  Also, they have a multi-week challenge that helps keep track.

I know people have had success with either, but using some of both has really helped me.  Total workout time is typically under an hour per day.  When I'm really pushed for time or really tired, I'll just do the Active and be done in under 30 mins.

Good luck!

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I love the Wii Fit Plus. I started it at the beginning of the year and lost 10lbs. I haven't weighed myself lately, because I'm having other issues, but it's nice cause it keeps you on track with your goal weight. I was never the workout type and got this because I wanted to just be active. I also like the fact that if you get bored of an activity you can change it up. Some of the activities I believe really don't do anything for you, but you need to try different activities to find out which ones are working for you.

I typically do the hula hooping for 10 minutes to get warmed up, the jackknifes, and then free step for 30 minutes (which is nice because you can change the channel and watch TV and the Wii will still keep track of your steps). If I don't feel like doing the stepping, I have been doing the bike challenge and the boxing.

I just ordered the biggest loser. I heard that is really good. It didn't come in the mail yet, but can't wait to try it.

If you are like me, and need to trick yourself into working out by keeping your mind off of it and having fun while doing it then it would be a good investment.

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