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Wii Fit - Calorie Count?

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Is the calorie count on the wii fit accurate? I am 193.5lbs or so according to the scale, but I assume more like 195. I am 5'4", but I am also 26 weeks pregnant. It says in 27 minutes (I took a break in between. I keep needing too because I'm huge and pregnant..lmso) I have only burned a little under 160calories, but I feel like I am working my toosh off more than when I dance continuously to Michael Jackson the Experience, which is very difficult! Is it possible that I am burning more calories than it says because of my higher weight and pregnancy factoring in as well? I am not trying to "diet", just to get fit for labor and keep my weight maintained or lose a little gradually so I can get back in shape after our second baby is delivered. My doctor says it's okay by the way. Smile P.S. My heart rate is dreadful.. I can't do the treadmill for more than 2 minutes before feeling like I'll collapse. lol It's really bad even when I'm not pregnant. If anyone knows a low priced calorie counter I could buy and wear, please let me know!

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This is a really late reply but maybe it's still helpful!!

The Wii Fit underestimates your calories burned because it only counts the calories while you're actually doing the games/exercises, and not the calories you burn between exercise.  If you get your heart rate up on a 12 minute aerobic exercise, you'll continue burning calories during the 2-3 minutes after that ends before you load up the next thing.  The only way to get an accurate calorie count is to wear a heart rate/calorie monitor, unfortunately.  When I wear mine the count on the monitor is as much as 1.5 - 2 times more than the count on the Wii Fit.

Definitely helpful so thank you jem0512 I appreciate the information. My friend bought me a heart rate monitor, but I can't seem to get it to work yet..It may be because I'm bigger around the ribs where the monitor part goes and I may need to wait till after delivery to use it. I actually lost three pounds in a week while pregnant with the wii plus lowering my diet a little. It seems there have been no negative effects from it, so I say it is pretty nice to know I can do this after pregnancy and likely see results later. Just want to say thank you again for your reply. Smile

Jem0512 thank you for the helpful info.
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