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Who's tried Curves?

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Just moved to a small town, and the only "gym" in Curves for Women.

Just wanted to know your experiences.

Thanks CC
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I joined a "Lady Workout Express" which is another chain but the same concept. It is nice to be in an all woman enviroment, rather than feel insecure, and the workouts seem to go by really fast with upbeat music and the circut training type workout.

I HATE working out, so it is like pulling teeth to get me there, but I have to say, I really like it better than your average gym!

Hope this helps!
It does, thanks.

I have never used a gym, but I want to tone.  I have what I call bat  my arms are flabby and my butt.

Thanks nicole for your reply.

my mom liked it and i have friends that like it.

my issue is with the dude that owns it and were he puts his money... but... thats mine.  if it will get you out of the house and working out, go for it.
If you are really serious about losing weight and toning, I would not recommend. I hated it, and thought it was a waste of my money. You would wait on people to get off machines while the clock was ticking and then you're not even doing enough cardio to really promote weight loss. I personally did not like it. I joines the YMCA.
I went for a very short time. If you are already in decent shape the workout might not be intense enough for you. However if you just moved it might be a good place to meet people.  I prefer workout videos because I can do them in the comfort of my home and change routines all on a regular basis.  Good Luck!
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I did Curves for a little while and it was OK. I never had any issues about waiting for a machine or anything.
My issues with them were their short hours.
I did lose weight while I was there and it is a fairly easy routine. Their diet they recommend really makes sense and I still stick to it. I never worked out before so it did get me moving and out of the house!
I changed to a different Curves because of their hours and really didn't like the new one - just something about the atmosphere didn't mesh well with me and after a few months off, I joined Lady Of America, another all women gym which I absolutely LOVE.
I would say give it a shot!
I did Curves for a little while, but for a college student it was a little expensive.  I did not feel I got much in the way of support.  I did not feel I could really talk to people.
I did curves for about six months, three times a week with no
results.  My mother had the same problem I did, however a friend
of mine went and got wonderful results.  I think it really depends
on the person and fitness level.  I know the Curves around here
all have two week guest passes, you should see if you can try before
you buy. :)
I tried Curves...and it helped me to get some type of exercise outside of home (which was zero exercise at home).   However, I have a lot of joint it was difficult to move from one machine to regards to the change of the music and by the time I got on the exercising, it was time to move on to the next spot (lol)....Girl, I was a mess!

Anyway, I recently joined the YMCA.  I can move at my own anytime through the attend on Sundays, if I want.

Do what you feel is best for you....but whatever you do, just have fun!
I am in the same boat you are, I had to join Curves or nothing. I know I would get better results with a gym but for me, it would be an extra couple hours out of my way to join one. I have never had any problems waiting for machines but I haven't seen the best results. I joined with my mom in November and neither one of us was a good motivator. We also joined in the Winter and boy do I love Christmas cookies :) so I am not certain if that was my problem or if it is the machines themselves. I have only been in 33 times since I joined. I would advise you to go in, try it and talk to the people there. I just joined CC last week and haven't had a chance to get to Curves but I am going tomorrow. Good luck and let me know what you decide.
I tried Curves for a while. 

The one thing I didn't like about it was during the circuit, they have you stop & check your heart rate to make sure it's in the proper zone.  If I used the "weight" machines in the proper form, I couldn't do ANY cardio because my heart rate went up too high!  I just didn't like that guideline they threw out - I didn't even sweat!

Inconvenient hours, too!
I love going to Curves! It's one of the best parts of my entire day. I like that I am not sitting on one machine and getting bored - there is variety in my workout. Before joining Curves I didn't work out at ALL. Since joining I have seen a really great decrease in my body fat percentage and my measurements. My weight is going down too, though right now I"ve hit a plateau. What I've noticed most is the toning in my arms and legs, though. Before I didn't have ANY tone in my arms and now when I make a muscle you can see it!

I also like Curves because I can go straight from work to working out. If I go home I just veg out and sit on the couch. I can't bring myself to work out at home. Plus I LOVE their chocolate protein shake - it is delicious!

My heartrate does get a little high because of , but I just slow donw on the next machine and rest station to bring it back down.

I suggest trying it out and seeing if it's right for you. Check out this link for how to get a free two week trial. Buy a box of Klondike Slim-A-Bears and give the UPC to Curves when you go in!
I haven't tried it; mostly because the people I know who have haven't had a lot of results. My mother in law goes 3 - 4x a week and still isn't seeing any results after much passing time.
The thing about Curves is you only get results if you work hard for them. Because of the nature of the machines, it is really easy to just go through the motions and not really work out. Whatever effort you put in will determine the results you get. I see lots of ladies just going through the motions while chit-chatting and while it's nice to chat, it doesn't help you tone muscle. I don't think they even realize what they are (or rather aren't) doing! I save the small talk for the stretching station and I work as hard as I can on all the machines.

Now, I'm not saying your mom is not a hard worker. You also need to make sure you have the correct form while doing the machines or they are not as effective. The member guide I got has some really good pointers on how to use the machines to get the most out of them.

Maybe your mom should talk to one of the trainers at Curves and see if they can help her w/her intensity and form. That might help her see more results quicker.
I'm from a small town too - and I've been a member of Curves for over two years now.

I agree with tracymarie that you get out of Curves what you put into it. If you really work the machines intensely, and keep moving at the resting stations, you'll get a good workout.

I've lost about 33 inches since I started. I will say that Curves alone will not cause you to lose weight. I estimate it at about 200 calories per 30 minute workout. (I actually workout 30 minutes, then do stretching cooldown.

Still, I enjoy going there. The music is peppy and in a small town, you'll find someone you know there to talk with while you exercise.

If you need to "join" to be accountable (I do) then Curves will be good for you.
I searched through all the posting looking to see if anyone had posted about Curves, so thanks for that!

I have just started my two week free pass using the UPC label from the Klondike Slim-A-Bears package.  (Of course, now I have to eat the ice cream...sharing it with co-workers!)  I've gone three times, and each time I felt comfortable in the environment.  The first two times, I was well attended by the trainer (two different gals); yesterday, she (same gal as my 2nd time) got distracted a few times and pretty much left me on my own the second time around the circuit, but there were actually two of them near me part of the time.

My local Curves just extended their hours.  They're now open 6am to 8pm with no post-lunchtime closure, Mon-Thurs. and a little less than that on Fridays, with Saturday hours only until noon.

I'm at 255 pounds and have reached my target heart rate pretty much every time I've checked it.  I do struggle a bit to get off and on some of the machines.  I have chronic dislocation of the kneecap and 3 or 4 bone spurs on each knee, so my Doctor doesn't want me walking long distances for exercise.  I want to get a row machine for home, but I also want to do something at a gym...for accountability, for one thing.

The best thing for me is that my health plan is forward thinking enough to contribute to the cost of partner health & fitness centers.  In my area, Curves is their only partner.  They will reimburse me a portion of the monthly fee and offer a coupon for 50% off the enrollment fee.  Although my coworker says they run specials on that all the time - sometimes it's bring a bag of groceries and the fee is waived and this Saturday, they're offering enrollment for $49 (which I think is $100 off).
I live in a very remote area and I only have two options Curves and Fitness Express.  They are both for women only and they both are set up in a circular pattern.  I checked into both of them and liked Fitness Express better because they had long hours all day long and was a little less expensive.  I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and noticed that when I put more effort and concentration into my workout I got more results.  So I agree with the above posting that you get what you give out of it.  I also enjoyed the accountability of it.  The owner is very personable and has a degree in nutrition and exercise.  She will let you know when you are not working hard enough for the machines you are on.  She even has on Wednesday evening a turbo session that puts you on each machine for a minute at one time and increases the intensity after 30 seconds and again at 45 seconds.  You can really fill this.  The entire workout lasts about an hour and it is definetly worth the extra effort.
Just be careful that you do not injure yourself.  In my experience, many of the people working there don't really know what they are doing.  When I went to physiotherapy in town (for a soccer injury, I should add), the therapist said she had had tons of women in there with "Curves injuries".  Women were locking out joints ( a no-no) and have back issues.

I did lose lots of weight and lots of inches but I think I would be more inclined to chalk that up to the "divorce diet" that I was on at the time.  There were extremes there- one lady lost over 100lbs and others lost none.  But once they leave there you don't know if they are running marathons or eating cheesecake, you know what I mean?

I would be more inclined to do walking/running at home and some bodyweight strength exercises.

Just my humble opinion...
I did Curves for about 9 months and only quit due to health issues.  I enjoyed the people and the workout is what you put into it. 

Because each Curves is independently owned and operated they all have their plusses and minuses.  It isn't for every body but if you do work the machines properly and "workout" you will see results.
I just got home from my very first visit to Curves.  Since I dont' exercise at all, I am hoping it will help some. What I was surprised at was that their weight scale said i was 8 pounds heavier than the scale I have here at home.  Also, the blood pressure machine they have said I have high blood pressure and I have never even border line on my blood pressure. 

My one major concern about doing this is my knee, it is killing me after doing the squat machine. 

I do wonder how to log it in the activities log though.
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