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Whey Protein / How Much Protein?

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Has anyone noticed benefits from adding whey protein powder to their diet?  If so, how much?  I recently realized that my attempt at healthy eating eliminated many sources of protein from my diet and I need to get back up there.

Also, how many grams of protein do you aim for each day?  I am 180lbs and am trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass.  Currently, I max out at 80 grams of protein.  From what I read, that is not enough.  It could explain why I've been weight training for two months now and have seen minimal results.

Suggestions and stories would be great.
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I have been told by more then one trainer that for an inactive person you need .5 gr of protein per body weight.. So that would be 180x.5=90 grams.  However, if you are trying to to build lean body mass then you would increase your intake anywhere from .6-1.0 depending on your level of fitness, with the 1.0 being for elite atheletes.  But then again, I am for sure no expert. 

I began lifting weights again about 3-4 weeks ago, and even though I have only lost a total of 10 lbs in last 6 weeks, I have gone down 2 clothing sizes and can "see" the definition building all over my body....  Oh yeah, and I had 118 grams of protein yesterday.  I had a really really intense workout.... so I had 20% fats (good fats), 39% protein, and 41% carbs... and I weigh 174.

I generally try to drink a whey protein shake within 10-20 mins after an intense workout.  I go for the one with 23 gr of protein and only 3 carbs only because I dont want the extra carbs in my diet, I get enough without the shake.  I also mix mine with only water.  Some of them don't take good with water though.  I finally found one I liked enough to mix with only water.  Its called Banana Scream by Champion Nutrition, and I don't have to add any fruit..... :)

I think the whey protein also helps your muscles recover faster too.  :)
Awesome, that's just the sort of thing that I wanted to know.  Thanks, HairGurl!
Hrm. I take in closer to 150-200 grams of protien a day. Still, more important than protien is carbs. Those are what fuel your body and brain.

In order to get protien to your muscles quickly after a workout simple carbs (yes simple) are best. Simple carbs = Glucose. I drink a protien shake with an older bananas just for more sugar and because they are higher on the glycemic index than regular bananas. I've also gone as far as adding straight granulated sugar (I wouldn't reccomend that if you're trying to drop weight though). The simple sugars are easier and quicker to digest and therefore fed to your muscles faster when they really need it. This also gets protien to your muscles fast and build up your stock pile of carbs... I can't remember the actual term for it.

Anyways, that's one school of thought. The other says that simple carbs are bad, always.
Hey distracted, mixing glucose with a protien shake is not recommended, why protien absorbs rapidly by itself. glucose will help to restore lost muscle glycogen. When you mix protien and glucose you spike your blood sugar which will cause your insuline to get out of whack, which will cause fat gain.
Interesting. I just read 'The Glucose Revolution' and the nutritionists/PhD's said to mix the two. I know that you're a personal trainer as well and a good source of information... so now I'm just confused I guess.

They said to mix the two specifically to restore your glycogen stores in your muscles and to get protein there quicker after a hard workout where the glycogen has been depleted. Hrm...

I guess there's always the possibility that I've missed something completely.
it won't speed up the absorption at all. it does make sense to restore glycogen but you should stick to the lower glycemic carbs to do it. The amino acids in protien will convert to glycogen it just takes longer than glucose. try a protein shake after the workout and then follow it up with a solid meal 1 1/2 hours later.
I think I'm doing okay with carbs.  The first thing I grab when I get back from the gym is a banana (or two).  I eat fruit and grains throughout the day, so that shouldn't be a problem.

How do you get your protein, Distracted?  What goes into your protein shake?
I'm already throwing in that extra meal after my shake. Sometimes just 60 minutes afterwards because I rip through that shake but I do usually try to wait 90-120 minutes after I finish my shake.

So if I stick to things with a lower G.I. foods that will still replenish my glycogen levels quickly enough? I do tend to have very long training sessions 5-6 days a week so it's important to get my glycogen levels back up as fast as possible.

So short of during a workout/training session, do you recommend foods that are high on the G.I. at all?

MN - I throw in a cup of frozen strawberries, a large banana, a half cup of frozen blueberries, two servings of chocolate whey protien and water normally.
gnc 100% whey is good and for 1 scoop you get 20g of protein and only 120 cal. 2 carbs.  Oh this is for chocolate.   i mix mine with twice the water and lots of ice so i get extra water for the day.  i started this because i to wasn't getting it fron food also it keeps me full and on track for my diet. im losing weight(fat) and building muscle.   when my cal. are low i'll and some peanut butter and banana to it in the blender.  

I got a great tip from my trainer and it really works.  Whey protein can make you very bloated and gassy.  Buy some natural fiber powder and mix a spoonful in with your shake and you won't feel bloated.

I use EAS 100% Whey protein mix.  I like the vanilla flavor.  I also buy it at Sam's club for much less than GNC!

  • Minimum Daily Protein Requirement: W.H.O. recommends 0.45 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight per day.
  • Maximum Daily Protein Requirement: US RDA recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight per day. The UK Department of Health and Social Security is approximately the same.
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