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Whats your take on Tae Bo?

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I just a Tae Bo video, I just thought i'd try it out along with my regular routine at the gym.  How many cals do you think are burned doing this video?  Anyone have any opinions or have done the video with billy blanks?

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It's a fun work out, or at least I thought so.

It's a fun, effective workout, and the power round DVDs are what took away my "not enough time " excuse for not exercising.  I worked my way to Fat Blasting Cardio, and did it regularly for about a year when I decided to change it up with another kickboxing type routine (turbo jam) for variety.  I'll probably switch back to it eventually.

On edit:  You didn't mention which video you're using, but I usually log a Tae Bo workout using the "kickboxing" entry in the CC database.

try this link, it's got tae bo listed for calories burned
Finally I get the link working!!!
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I have done a few different Tae Bo dvds and I really liked them. It took me a few tries to really be able to do all the moves correctly and keep up with the workout, but it has really helped me with coordination and balance. My only complaint is that my lower back started to ache after about 2 weeks and as soon as I stopped doing the dvd the pain went away. But overall they are a great cardio workout.

PS -- on some of the dvds his fitness assistant/daughter Shelly can be very annyoing

I love my Taebo Dvd (I have Taebo Live). I find that I push myself a bit more when I do Taebo verses other cardio I do. I agree with Jeslnn, it may take a few times before you get the moves right. But form is very important so you don't hurt yourself. I always log it under Kickboxing, but if you don't push yourself you may want to log it under something else til you get the hang of it.

Also helps with aggression, too!Wink

I just started Tae Bo Cardio, Get Celebrity Fit and I like it.  The only problem is that I'm uncoordinated and some of the combos are impossible.  A couple of times, I have turned off the sound and listened to my own workout playlist while following a long. 

I ordered Billy's Basic Bootcamp from Amazon and we'll see how that works.

Not to sound sexist, but I really like watching and hearing a 50 year old man give instructions rather than a skinny, young woman with a high-pitched voice.  One of the reasons I never liked aerobics was that type of pep. 

Original Post by jeslnn:

PS -- on some of the dvds his fitness assistant/daughter Shelly can be very annyoing

That's his daughter? I had no idea. I always wondered why all the people rotated in and out of his videos but she was always there. She always looks so angry

I have several Tae Bo videos and I love them! It is a great way to mix up your workout so you don't get bored with doing the same thing all the time. The videos with the bands and the amped bar are great! I always feel like I have really accomplished something at the end of his workouts...and I am drenched in sweat after the cardio dvd's!

I also agree with jeslnn....Shelly is very annoying in a few of the dvd's I have.

the calories burnt on that calculator says around 900 in an hour for tae bo.. does anyone think this is right?

Walmart here has the bootcamp set and i was thinking of picking it up, but im not sure if im at the right fitness level.

I have Turbo Jam, and I have problems keeping up with the 20 min workout. (sometimes I stop after 15 min and do my cooldown) Ive only been doing it for about a week though. Do you think that Turbo Jam should be compared to Tae Bo. Ive been logging my turbo jam sessions as aerobic-high impact. but the difference between 30 min of kickboxing and 30 min of aerobic is about 200 calories, so i want to make sure ive got the right estimate so i can adjust my calorie intake.

I have started doing TaeBo Amped and I love it!  It is very hard to do some of the moves if you don't have very good balance, but this one came with a weighted bar to use on some days and it seems to help me more with the falling over while doing the kicks.Undecided  I also totally agree that Shelly can be very annoying, she is actually Billy's step daughter, but she took his last name when she was younger.  She looks so mean sometimes!  Good luck with the workout!

Poor Shelly!  On the one dvd I have, I like her.  She's got a fun voice and she spaz's out to some of the music. 

She did her own PostNatal Tae Bo dvd last year. 

the best part about the tae bo videos is the more able you are to perform the moves correctly the harder it is. Its really a win win

shelley is his daughter in law. She doesnt bother me that much. Sometimes when billy is rambling and im still doing something thats hard and starts to hurt, for like, 30 counts or something im like SHUT UP BILLY and justs move to the next one!

TaeBo vids...have them& love them.  Sometimes when it's so gross outside to even think about driving to the gym (sask blizards suck) I pop a video in and wham bam, I'm done my workout for the day. 

I do believe that it is his daughter though, not his daughter inlaw...I'll google it and see but I remember her in an interview once talking about "her dad billy"

I have been doing Taebo for about 2 years now. I do find it is better to do his workouts for a month or so, switch to another form of exercise for a month and then go back to his workouts. They are great DVDs but so routine that your body can get used to them fast. I personally like his DVDs that use his billy bands. I got the amped series but got so mad with the amplifier bar that i threw it on the ground and broke it! But it is a great workout and makes 45 minutes go by so fast. If you are a beginner I would try his workouts without the bands or amp bar and then incorporate them once you get used to his workouts.
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