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Melkor "Hey, crow away - we're all due a little brag time now and then. ( Which reminds me, I should change out the runner recruitment drive with something new, so if anyone want to have a brag thread up top, make one ;) )"

So here we go.

Since starting weight lifting vs doing cardio all the time - all though I've gained weight due to poor eating and stress and stuff I've managed to drop back from a size 14 to a 12 and the 12s are getting baggier every day.

So what is your personal achievement that you want to share!!  Brag it up folks!!

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Took my measurements this morning, and I finally have a 26 in. waist again!!! The last time my waist was that small was during my ED when I was borderline underweight. Now I'm about 10-15 lbs heavier, so it's even more impressive now! I've still got quite a bit of lower belly fat, but I'm definitely starting to notice more definition in the upper abs. Maybe someday I could get a flat stomach after all :D

Back to brag just a little.

I took measurements today and I lost a total of 3 inches in stage 3 of NROLFW.  I am very happy with that. I went down 1/2 in. in all areas except my biceps which stayed the same.  This means that since starting NROLFW I've lost a total of 7.5 inches, most notable, 1 1/2 in my waist and hips and 2 in my thighs.  So at this point from Last Oct. I've lost 22 lbs, (not so impressive), but I've lost 4 1/2 in my bust, 7 in my waist, 6.5 in my hips.  I'm very happy about this.  Just shows that even though the scale isn't moving, my body is changing for the better.

I've run 15 road races. Two of those are marathons.

A month ago, I could run for barely 3 minutes at a stretch. However I have gradually improved my timings. Today I managed to run non-stop for 18 minutes at 9 Kmph. Hope to continue that and improve on it. New target - run 20 minutes non stop (On a treadmill) by the end of the week and 25 minutes by end of the month. Keeping my finger crossed. 


P.S. - The scale has been shifting slowly as well. Was able to drop almost 10 pounds over the last month. At 220lbs, guess that was expected though.

I ran 1 mile on the 3mph option on my gym treadmill and I weigh 321.8 lbs :) In 21 minutes too!
Original Post by ttttt7:

I ran 1 mile on the 3mph option on my gym treadmill and I weigh 321.8 lbs :) In 21 minutes too!

Hey, in a month we want to hear you're doing it at 3.5mp, and for close to a half hour!

Great going!

My achievement is getting back on Calorie Count. I started in March but got really busy and forgot about it :[ I got back here a couple days ago and it feels great to be back. I haven't gotten any support yet, but hopefully it'll come once I stick with it!

my greatest fitness victory was cutting my 2 mile time from 20 minutes (and finishing last) to 14 minutes (and finishing first)! probably the best moment of my life!

Congrats to everyone for your non scale victories! I'm back :] and this one may be super stupid, but I had the courage to try to do a cartwheel today and I did it. I used to think it was stupid to even try it and that I'd look so awkward doing it because of my weight, but I did it :] And I didn't feel awkward at all :]

Seeing my Feet!

I`ve finished the 5k in 47 minutes(my time doing it) I did 4 mph for most of it.

I (behind my light layer of fat) have a six pack and thigh gap.
Running until I can't run anymore at the gym and not being self conscious but feeling like I look awesome :) haha funny one but I usually don't go to hard in front of people because I felt embarrassed now I want to show off what I can do.
5.5 miles in 40 min. Personal record.
Original Post by josephgonzales:

5.5 miles in 40 min. Personal record.

PR's feel great, don't they?

Try a 10K race. I bet you can stick with that same pace for the slightly longer distance, and you'll end up in the front half of the pack.

In the fall I trained for 6 weeks for a 4 mile race, in which I averaged 9:25 min/mile. On Sunday after some half a** training for a triathlon the past 2 months and usually running around 3 miles in 30 min, I ran 4 miles, averaging 9:15 min/mile. Guess I need to start pushing myself more!!
Wow, everyone here is so motivated and accomplished! I am proud to say I started eating clean and working out 3 months ago and I still feel as determined as day one. I only missed two workouts in all that time and that was due to injury / travel. Haven't let my injured knee stop me -- just changed from treadmill to elliptical. I'm down in pant size, up in weights, cardio speed and time, and WAY UP in energy and feeling good!!! Good lick to everyone on their journey and congrats on your personal brag!!!!
My NSV for today was telling my husband no to breakfast this morning and making it to the gym.

the thing im proud of is getting my 6 pack to show without losing muscle mass

and going down from 13% body fat to 8%

Today I ran 3.22 miles in 30 minutes, 10 of which were my  5 minute warm up and cool down walks. It's week 7 day 2 of C25k for me, and this has made all the pain and sweat worth it!


The scale means nothing as long as my calories are in range and I can bust out a workout like that!

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