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Melkor "Hey, crow away - we're all due a little brag time now and then. ( Which reminds me, I should change out the runner recruitment drive with something new, so if anyone want to have a brag thread up top, make one ;) )"

So here we go.

Since starting weight lifting vs doing cardio all the time - all though I've gained weight due to poor eating and stress and stuff I've managed to drop back from a size 14 to a 12 and the 12s are getting baggier every day.

So what is your personal achievement that you want to share!!  Brag it up folks!!

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Squatting (with free weights) 100 Pounds!!

Finishing c25K in 9 weeks and doing 3 K in 30 mins. Never ran before starting the program and started it to prove to myself that I could do it and to prove to myself that no mater what others say I'm capable of more than I give myself credit for.


congratulations sallystang!

New workout pants - $24

New sports bras - $10

Wearing skin tight workout capris because my leg fat is burning off - Priceless

yeah, i agree.

My first chin up. Now I can do 5. And working on 8 pull ups by the end of the summer.

Sooo got to brag ;)

Lost 4.6 pounds in 5 days :D soooo pleased xxx

Well done to everyone, keep going xxx
Since I've started looking after myself better, I can fit into a size 6! (UK) :D

I have more energy, less cravings for unhealthy snacks (apart from chocolate >___>) and more confidence. :)


I ran (and walked a little) 6.5km in 40 min!! It was my first time running that distance as well, I usually just stick to a safe 5km instead.

I would have been able to go a little faster but my poor dog was tiring out by the end of it so I had to slow down and walk the last 1km. I should leave him behind next time but he cries when I go for a run/walk with out him!


Edit: Urg!! I ran 6.5k not 8k Undecided turns out the GPS on my phone app was incorrect. Oh well, still a good effort

My shorts are all too big! I see some shopping in my future!:)
I am down 16lbs in 3 months while adding lots of muscle, my husband has lost 20lbs and quit smoking, I started with a personal trainer yesterday who is whipping my butt <3 it just feels great to actually love working out and eating clean.

Eating well, exercising almost every day, and taking vitamins has made me kick my only vice: smoking. I have been almost 2 weeks smoke free and have not had one craving, not even when at a bar having a few drinks.

I took a link out of my watch and also dropped half a shoe size.. I guess that's what 30 pound weight loss does!! Pretty crazy! Congrats to everyone!
Original Post by kghrmaster:

I took a link out of my watch and also dropped half a shoe size.. I guess that's what 30 pound weight loss does!! Pretty crazy! Congrats to everyone!

Wait, you dropped a "shoe" size? Is that possible? I lost 180 pounds and wear the same size shoes. lol

Yes! It's crazy.. I guess less fat squeezed in my shoes!
I finished a 10km race in under an hour today. So excited! No way I could have done that 30 lbs ago.
Wow, that is an awesome time, runoff! I'd love to get below 1 hour.

My NSVs are everyone I know has been telling me I've looked the best ever, and pretty much all my clothes from high school fit! (Some are even too big!!)

I ran 10 mins at 6mph. My personal best. Could only manage 3 mins a month back.

I ran in my first 5K this year. Was able to run non stop (personal goal). Finished it in 36:30 minutes. Came in 69th out of 111 runners. I'm 50, my dad ran it in 24 when he was 70 - so I've got some improving to do!
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