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Melkor "Hey, crow away - we're all due a little brag time now and then. ( Which reminds me, I should change out the runner recruitment drive with something new, so if anyone want to have a brag thread up top, make one ;) )"

So here we go.

Since starting weight lifting vs doing cardio all the time - all though I've gained weight due to poor eating and stress and stuff I've managed to drop back from a size 14 to a 12 and the 12s are getting baggier every day.

So what is your personal achievement that you want to share!!  Brag it up folks!!

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A few weeks ago I did my 25in5 at Roller Derby practice. It's been 6 months since I was able to do it again since I put on a lot of weight and I've been so ashamed watching the freshmeat fly around the track. Being able to do it and with fair ease has motivated me to keep on going!

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A year ago i could barely manage 10 sit ups, now find myself doing 40-60. Butterfly presses & push ups were simply unbearable, now i can do 30 butterflies on a machine and easily do 10-15 push ups. Ive never felt so dedicated to being more fit, healthy & slim. I started this change on March 6th 2011 weighing 287lbs. March 2012 i weighed in at 185lbs. Currently, April 13th 2012 im at 183lbs. Went from a size 44waits to a 34. So much has changed for me. Ive taken up bicycling, and being able to go farther than i thought on my rides, being able to be outside, watching the lake, people, everything keeps me motivated. Ty for this thread :)

I used to do only light exercising: Step, belly dance, latin dance, hula dance, modern dance & dance fitness dvd's. While those were good to maintain the weight I had put on (147 @ 5ft 8in) I wanted to lose weight back to my "model days" (127 @ 5ft 8 in), so I stepped it up to p90X and Iv'e dropped the weight to where I want it, got most of my six pack back (lol) and I'm loving my body again! I can now do over 30 "man" push-ups, over 30 pull ups and I even started jogging w/my hubby! I am 32 years young! Laughing

I had a baby 6 weeks ago and I can now fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! Hoping I can get my abs back in a couple weeks :)
My friend laughed at me when I told her I was going to do a personal challenge of 7 consecutive days bikram hot yoga,!!!

I am into my 22 consecutive days and have lost 6lb. Feels good, yeah!!

I can do 2 sets of 10 boy pushups!

52 year old female.  Started NROLFW  mid January.

I feel great!


I had a new mini goal of two miles in 20 minutes. Last week I surprised myself and did three miles in 30 minutes. On to nine minute miles!

In April 2011 I started running. At first it took me around an hour to complete the route (it basically consists of nasty stairs and a bunch of hills so I had to walk a lot). 

I never timed myself, I run simply because I love it, usually 2-3 times a week, do some extra sprints upstairs, a chin-up here, a plyo jump there and so on....

But today I figured "Hey, it's been a year!", set the stopwatch and off we go. Time: 28:53

FYEAH. I feel so fierce right now. 


..............[[I could have run faster]]..............

May not seem like much but I ran at 5mph for a straight half mile, something I don't think I have ever done.  Looking now to increase it a little.

Starting to actually RUN and not just walk the whole time!!!!! Just wanting to brag.... Just a Lil ")
I've decreased the amount of time it takes me to swim a lap and about doubled the amount of weight I can lift. :)

I finally let my friend peer-pressure me into going to the gym. First time ever doing any serious weight lifting. We spent a good hour and a half working on my arms, shoulders, and back. I definitely earned my peanut butter cup protein shake and flexing/checking out how my body/stomach looks in the mirror ;)

I can bench a good third of my weight for about four to five reps. Hah... I can't say 45 pounds without laughing at myself for being weak, but compared to my body weight it's a good amount of weight. I don't think I lifted less than 20 pounds at a time - except for 10 pound dumbbells as a warm-up and while working on my rear deltoids - the entire time. I am super proud of myself for completely avoiding pink dumbbells and going straight for manning up to free weights with a really good trainer as my spotter. c: 


I ran a 5K for the Race for the Cure this weekend in 26.44 coming in at fourth place. My best time yet!
Finished my first half marathon this weekend. 2h 15m 14s or just over 13 min/mile. Respectable considering I couldn't run a single mile without stopping when I began.
I wish it was 2:15:14 it was actually 2:51:14. (Not good at typing on my phone. )
It is so hard to work out

Today a coworker called me baggy britches!!  My size 8's are just hanging off me- so baggy, but I can't afford to buy new work clothes just yet!!!

I can easily complete a 2 mile run now.. I'm about to finish a 3 mile run!  Before I could run 5 or 6 miles in one workout but it had to be broken up with walks.  Long gone are those days! Onto to this girl becoming a long distance runner.  Once I can get past this mental block, it'll be ON!

New NON-Scale victory... I know most of these are fitness related, but this weekend, for a friend's wedding, I put MY wedding ring back on!! 15lbs down, and it fits FINALLY, and even a little loose! My DH has noticed, and is now working on losing weight too by making better food choices with me!! :)

Its been 2 years and over 60 pounds and this weekend I ran my first half marathon in a time of 1:55:47.  Before starting this journey I could not run for more than 5-10 minutes without being completely winded with terrible shin splints.  Now I placed 944 out of 2911 runners in my first competitive run and I feel fantastic.  Can't wait to do my next half and maybe someday a full marathon.

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