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Weight training twice a week VS 3 times a week???

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I'm curious as to how much of a difference weight training twice a week would be to working out three times a week.


Lately, my workout schedule has been like this:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri - weight training (upper body, lower body, overall)
  • Tues, Thurs - cardio


My goal is to lose 10 kgs (22 lbs) and tone up. I've been weightlifting for several years now and have quite a bit of muscles but you can't see much because of the weight I've gained!!


those body pictures in my album are not recent ones. Heard of the notorious "Freshmen 15"? Well for me, it was the notorious "Freshmen 15 KGS" !!Yell


I've heard that weightlifting twice a week is effective for my goal if I were to put cardio in my workouts... but does that mean doing cardio on the same day as weightlifting?


Let me know what you guys think!!! Thanks!! Laughing


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anyone? please? :(

Lifting 2x a week is fine if you do a full-body workout when you lift. Since you will only be doing it 2x per week, you need to make sure all muscle groups are worked and a full body workout is the best way of accomplishing this on the time frame you have set up. If you are only going to be lifting twice a week, I would add say to go ahead and add some HIIT into your schedule. It is better for fat loss. Since full body workouts include the lower body, and HIIT is taxing on the legs, I would try to do HIIT on the same day as your lifting. If you try to do HIIT on off days, you will be affecting recovery from your workouts.

You could either do your HIIT in the morning and then lift at night, or you could try to do HIIT after your lifting. However, trying to do HIIT after an intense full body workout is tough. That is what I used to try and do, and I was miserable. So what I started doing is an upper/lower split. I kept all the same exercises used in full body workouts. I just split them up over 4 days a week having two days be dedicated to upper body and the other two to lower body. Now I do my HIIT after my lower body workouts and regular cardio after my upper body workouts. Also, try to get in two other days of regular cardio on non lifting days. Since you won't be lifting quite as much, you don't want to overdo the cardio. That is why I recommended keeping it at 4 days a week (2 HIIT and 2 regular).

Finally, if you are looking to lose weight/body-fat the first thing you need to do is get your eating habits in order. That is actually most important. Find out how many calories days per day that you need to meet your goals and then split that up over 5-6 meals. Get plenty of lean proteins, complex carbs from whole grains, a lot of fruits/vegetables, and healthy fats. Eating right will go a long way in helping you reach your goals.


Wow.... thank you so much for all that!!!! Really really appreciate it..

I have a question!! So when you said that you split the full body exercises over 4 days/week... did you mean that you were actually weightlifting 4 times/week?

or 2 times/week, but did cardio 4 times a week (2 times, after those 2 weightlifting days)??

Weightlifting four times per week. Ex - Mon (Upper), Tues (Lower), Thurs (Upper), and Fri (Lower)

However, since you are splitting up the upper body exercises and lower body exercises, your session will go quicker. That is one added benefit I have found doing an upper/lower split. You will also be doing different exercises every time you lift. One upper body day you could do bench press, barbel row, and dips. The other upper body day you could do standing press, pull-ups, and close-grip bench press (triceps). One lower body day you could do squats, and stiff legged deadlifts, the other one you could do deadlifts and lunges. I think the main benefit to doing the upper/lower split is that it leaves you with a bit more energy to get cardio in and you are done in even less time which is always nice.

You would do a cardio session after each weight lifting session on the upper/lower split. Regular cardio on upper body days. Do about 20-30 minutes depending on how you are feeling. Then HIIT on lower body days.


- Thanks a lot for the specific advice :)

&& yes, I am splitting my upper & lower exercises, but I don't think I'll be able to weight lift 4 times a week!! What do you say about weight lifting 3 times a week (upper, lower, overall) and cardio 2 times a week? (treadmill 30~45mins)

Is that too little of cardio? :S



once again - thankssss Laughing

If you only want to lift 3x per week, I would recommend lifting on a full body program. Create two different workouts. Each one comprised of one lower body exercise, one upper body push, and one upper body pull. Switch between the workouts on different days. So Mon would be "A", Wed would be "B", Fri would be "A", Mon would be "B", etc.. Choose a weight that you can only do 8-10 times. Then here is how you progress. Let's say you are doing bench press and you are able to do three sets of 8 with proper form. The next time you do bench press, make sure you are using 5 pounds more than you did last time. By making small 5 pound additions to the weight, you are constantly challenging your body which will help you to avoid adaptation. However, make sure you stick with a weight until you can do three sets with proper form. If you can do 2 sets of 8 with proper form and then the third set you can only do 6 reps, you obviously need to stick with the same weight.

For cardio, I would recommend doing a mix of HIIT and regular cardio. You are planning to workout 5 times a week total because you said three lift and two cardio. So what you could do is 20 minutes of HIIT after each lifting session, and 30 minutes of regular cardio on the two "cardio" days. So all together you would be getting three hours of cardio for the week.

Of course in the end it is completely up to you and what you feel capable of doing. I wish you luck in whatever you decide. :)


- Thank you soooooo much, love!!!!!!

Original Post by sooji:


- Thank you soooooo much, love!!!!!!

No problem. I wish you well on whatever you decide to do.

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