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Okay to weight train in a.m. and cardio at night?

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I'm trying something new...weight training in a.m. and cardio at night.  Is this okay? 

I'm 29, 5'4",158lbs and not budging AT ALL!  I've been working out almost every day since Dec 1st(average cal burn per workout is 300) eating a cleaner, low fat, highter protien diet, (consuming on average 1300 cal per day)and not seeing any results.  I sit at a computer 8-12hrs a day.

Any suggestions? 


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300 calorie is a pretty light cardio workout. Since you've been at it 2 1/2 months, you should try to up that (either by increasing intensity or duration).

Good job on the healthy diet. Keep it up.

Note: cardio at night affects some people's sleep negatively. They typically fall asleep fine, but wake up around 3 AM with an unexplained sweat, palpitations, or otherwise feeling wired. If this happens to you, try doing the cardio in the morning and strength training at night.

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll try to up my workout intensity or duration. 

Separating cardio and weights in the AM and PM is perfectly fine.

The only change I would make would be cardio in the AM, and weights at night. Regular cardio won't stress your body that much and you should be able to have a good weight training session at night. However, if you lift hard in the morning and work in any type of lower body work, it will be harder to do cardio at night with sore legs.

I've noticed this with cardio at night.  I would do an hour on the elliptical with moderate to vigorous effort, and I would have a hard time sleeping, or staying asleep, and I'd have the craziest dreams. : \

I wonder if anyone else has experienced these kinds of things.


Since I've cut down the cardio and added strength training at night, I've been fine.  Maybe switching will help, but this has been said.

Have you tried eating a bit more? You might not be eating enough to fuel your current activity level, causing your body to hold onto weight (starvation mode). 

Thank you for all your help, responses. 

taywies1- I have not tried eating more, that was one of my thoughts as well.  I recently met with my dr. last week and he said it sounds like I'm doing everything right.  He told me for my stats to eat 1400 calories a day and to have 1 heavy lifting day and 1 light lifting day, to increase the aerobic...something or another, not cardio.... (I'm currently doing the NRWLFW that has you lift heavier weights, less reps) He said I  should see results in about 2 wks.  I'll give it a shot and hopefully see some results. 

1) Try to mix the cardio machines and increase the time as well. Like, mix up elliptical with treadmills and spinning and so on. And walk/run/move on Interval training.


2) 45 minutes to 60 minutes cardio in the morning should get you good results.  Personally, I have seen that cardio in the morning does lead to a higher rate of fat loss, (coupled with strength training in the evening, and lifting really heavy with fewer reps)........but it was difficult for me to continue doing double sessions in the gym owing to my work. If you can stick to this routine, you will benefit for sure.


3) Increase your calories, especially make sure to include 15-20% good fats and 35-40% protein. Try to have a complex carb and protein in your main meals. If you are lifting, you need to eat more so that you allow your muscles to grow.

I was shy of increasing my calories but when I did that, especially the good fats and protein, the good things started to happen.


4) Take ample rest. It's extremely important for your body to recover and get going and build into all the hard work that we are putting in; most of us neglect this aspect but do have rest days and it is very, very important to sleep well at night and remain less stressed (Stress is a killer for people trying to lose weight).


Good Luck with all the sweat!

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it sounds to me like ur caloric intake is to low and ur body is in starvation mode and holding on to its fat reserves for dear life i experenced this same thing and as soon as i increased my calories by adding more carbs into my diet in the correct ratios of protein carbs and fat  i started losing body fat again bizarre huh try bout at least 1800 cals broken into 6 or 7 meals.. also caloric cycling keeps ur body from adapting to one specfic caloric intake

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