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Weight Loss Workout Routine?

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I recently started at the gym for the first time and was wondering if any of you had any tips or maybe workout routines that have helped to lose weight.

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Cardio with a strength/weight training you will lose fat, dieting with cardio you will lose both fat and muclse.

Net cals/cal deficit of 400-700 as a combination of calorie counting a 1200-1500 range with 30-40mins walking daily has been working for me with about a 1-2lbs a week loss (with a healthy BMI). Before I was losing on 1500 (about 10lbs a month) with little to no activity when I was overweight.

If and when I get my butt to the gym (this month hopefully but I am really procrastinating :P), I will up my cals to a 1500-1800 range and up my calories burned with a cardio work out. But really if I get more active than just keeping up my similar deficit I might be more of a 1800-2000 range and my deficit is only cals burned by working out/activity type thing and add weight/strength training. (That's my plan in the rough anyway :) )

I have worked out since my 20's (I'm now almost 49) while cardio is important, I never lost as much with just cardio as I did with cardio and lifting weights.  Muscle burns more calories, even at rest, than fat.  Not to mention, being toned makes you look smaller.  I do cardio only three days a week and cardio and lifting 3 days a week.  If I am going to skip a day, I skip one of my cardio only days.  Hope this helps you.

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well i think you should do cardio crunches than cardio and then whatever you want then cardio again
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well i think you should do cardio crunches than cardio and then whatever you want then cardio again

Crunches are bad for the back and don't actually work the abs like people think.  Cardio is for cardiovascular health and although it burns calories it is not as effective as a good weight lifting program.

I found the best 'fat burning' workouts were in "Female Body Breakthrough" and the metabolic workouts with weight lifting.  

Look into any New Rules of Lifting program ( for women, for abs- the original) or Starting Strength.  Also like I said the Female body Breakthrough gave me great results when I started eating right and really pushing myself with the metabolic workouts. 

The advantage to met workouts you don't really need a gym to do them.  Lots of bodyweight only stuff.  this blog has some good beginner stuff that requires no equipment.  She also does a lot of stuff with Kettlebells for more advanced stuff.  

does anyone know of any exercise's for people with MS, have weakened wrists, legs. And just a little movement exhausts me. thanks for your help..

Crunches, sit-situps can mess your back up and just add a six pack under your X inches of belly fat !!

I loved the gym.  I really loved the classes available.  If your gym has classes, I loved the strength training class one day  and then the high cardio zumba another day.  The following week I'd do zumba cardio and pilates.  

I noticed when I upped my protein during this time I toned up faster than expected.  I kept my body guessing on what workouts so I never hit a plateau and lost 1.5# weekly by working out 2-3 days a week.  My calories were 1100-1200 (per dr. recomendation and metobolic testing).

Do strength training and cardio but change it up and never do the same stuff every week, you'll see more constant progess in my opinion.  Good Luck.   I've never been able to burn as many calories at home as the gym !!



Thank you for your information..

As a basic rule: weights and cardio. Now, which program to use, that is something you need to look up based on what you like. There are numerous options online. You need to pick one and go at it, so you don't go to the gym without a plan. That is the number one reason for failure. Maybe talk to the trainer at the gym and see if they have some kind of routine you can follow. Hope this helps.

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