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I don't know if this makes a difference or not but when you go to the gym and are gonna weight yourself, does it make a difference if you weight yourself before or after your workout?
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Well, I'm 2-3 lbs lighter after the workout, due to the water I am loosing. But those lbs do not stay off. So, weight yourself in the morning, at the same hour, wearing the same clothes or prior to the gym class, since the amount if water you are losing is not constant. This would be my advice.
At the same time everyday! Hehe.

I am a compulsive scale goer. *Morning, before workout, after workout, after poops, after meals, before bed. I go with my pre-workout weight at the gym though.
See I wish I could weight myself in the morning but I don't have a scale and I don't have time to workout until after work which is 5:30pm....Maybe I will just have give in and go buy a scale and solve that problem. Thanks :)
By the way! If you want to really see results try not to weight yourself everyday....
i'm a compulsive weigher too and I hate it! there's so much flutuation through out the day, ugh.  I think after I stick with this for a while I'll try to lay off and only weigh once a week
I just feel the need to always know. I am weird.
The scale called a ' health o meter ' is fantastic. I use mine all the time. It's the only scale I could use right before going to the doctor for a checkup, and still be the same weight on the ' doctors scale.' They aren't very expensive you can buy one online at and have them shipped. That's what I did. Just a suggestion. A good scale is important. 

 As for the question, shoot. I weight myself three or four times a day. Once before I step in the shower in the morning. Once mid-afternoon because I'm curious. Once at bedtime ... and some random time, if I happen to be near the bathroom. - kinda obsessed? - I dunno. It's just habit now.
Shill, I laughed out loud reading your first post.  I only weigh myself once during the day (first thing in the morning) BUT, I weigh myself about 3 times during the night! 
Glad to hear others weigh themself after a poop too!  I am to afraid to weigh myself at night.  I think it would be discouraging for me.
Actually you should weigh yourself before AND after a workout but only to make sure that you drink back all the fluids that you sweated out.
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