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Wear and Tear on Feet

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I consistently have this problem when I start a new exercise routine ... it eventually goes away, but my feet hurt so much I'm not sure I can wait ... Here's the problem:

The back of my ankles bleed from rubbing in my shoes.  I did what my personal trainer recommended and bought shoes one size too big and that hasn't helped.  I've tried putting healing cream on my ankles, wearing thicker socks and even bandaging my ankles, but nothing seems to work.  Any advice?  They bleed so much that the back of my (white) shoes are stained.  I am desperate for some advice!

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i would either keep shopping around for a pair that doesnt make your feet bleed or wear shoes that arent necessarily meant for workingout, like i wear my converses to work out sometimes.

There is a guy called Jeff Galloway who has a website with articles he has done for Runners World. He has a couple of articles there on how to pick out the right shoes for you.

Basically, you need to go and shop for shoes which are suited to you. It may take a while, but you should be able to find a brand/style which works for you.

There are also socks made that reduce the chance of blisters.  Check out a running store.

You can also do exercises that cause less rubbing.  Maybe you could ride a bike instead of running, or try swimming.  Cardio is cardio.  Nothing special about running.

You probably need another brand of shoes. I have that problem with New Balance shoes a lot but not with any other brands.

In Atlanta we have a specialty running shoe store (big peach running)--I'm not sure if you have something similar in your area but please look around.  Any way, they not only measure your feet, they put you on a treadmill to see how your stride works with a shoe and do a weight imprint of how you stand in the shoe.  For those who have no problem finding workout shoes, this probably sounds like overkill.  For those, like me, who have a lot of fit problems (overpronation and weak ankles) they are wonderful!

Since getting my new "wonder" shoes, I've been able to run longer and faster--without pain in my ankles and knees. 

two quick fixes:

1. put a band-aid (as large as necessary) on your ankle - I swing dance, and get similar problems when I'm breaking in new shoes. Works wonders for me.

2. some people swear by lubricant - slather it on as needed.

And for a more permanent fix, I agree with everyone who said to go shopping for new shoes. What hurts your ankles is probably somebody else's dream shoe, so go out and find YOUR dream shoe - it's gotta be out there somewhere.

You just have to keep trying until you find the shoe that works for you. A runner friend of mine can only buy ONE brand and model of running shoe or else they chew up her ankles something fierce.

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