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I want to start running but its so hard!

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I really want to start running, but its just so hard for me. Im pretty in shape i cant seem to stay on for longer then 10 minutes! ahh any tips?
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When you first get started sometimes it's helpful to do the run/walk thing. Run 1min, walk 1min and work up from there.
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yeah ive tried that too! it just never get easier ... thanks
I've wanted to start running too, even though I always hated doing it, and felt like it simply was not my thing. I looked up for beginners programs online and I came across one. Apparently it's very different from the programs I keep reading about in the forums. Most people do a walk/run/walk/run thing and end up increasing the running time soon. The one I'm doing takes longer to get you running for a large amount of time. I like it because it slowly builds me up to it, but I also dislike it because I like getting things done quick, and I often feel frustrated I am running for so little time still. It still worked though... I've always had a hard time running, and I seem to be doing pretty good. I just have to give it time and soon I'll be running for 30 minutes straight (which will be in January). Here's the link. They also have a different program that gets you running from the start here. I don't know if you have the same problem, but my main issue is that I just want to be able to run. I see people running for 1h and I feel frustrated I can't even do a quarter that. It just takes time to build endurance, and it's like weight loss in a way... it takes time to get where you want, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get there.
Most people get discouraged because they run too hard and get out of breath. The first 10 mins. is the worst for me and for some a little longer. That's when your heart rate is climbing and your breathing is laboured or at least mine is. After that your heart rate and breating level off or should, if it don't your running to hard slow down a little. Rule of thumb is you should be able to talk and run at the same time. Now the good news is if you can master running the inches will melt off you legs and butt. Here's a web site to learn all you need to know about running . Good luck in your running. If you hang in there it will be worth it and in no time you'll be running 10k easy and acually enjoying it!
Two things that really helped me were:

(1) go SLOW--you should be able to still have a converstation at the pace you run. And if you can't do that yet, walk until you can.

(2) find a running buddy. I can't tell you how much it helps to find someone AT YOUR LEVEL who will commit to running with you. That way, on days you're not feeling it, your partner can motivate you, and you can do the same back. Also, it helps you keep that 'conversational' pace, and makes you forget you're doing something you may really hate at first.

Good luck with it! Running is really really rewarding.
You are on the right track by wanting to run!  That's great....  I just started a program that they have on called the couch to 5K and it seems to be going pretty good.  If you can't get a running buddy, maybe invest in an MP3 player....If I don't have music, I struggle really hard and 45 seconds feels like 5 minutes but with a good beat going, I can keep it up.  They even have podcasts at certain beats per minute, so you could choose what beat works the best for you.  (I use Itunes which has a podcast called podrunner and they have a new song every week and it's free....)  I don't know, hope these ideas help some!

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I agree with the run/walk comments.

What I would like to add is the need to get over the mental hump of running.  Enroll yourself in a 5k.  Nothing is better then running with a crowd, and you'll see all kinds of people doing it, which will no doubt keep you motivated.

Give it a try, make it a New Years resolution!

Best Wishes,
I am also doing the couch to 10k program and its working great for me as well. If you knew me you woul dbe AMAZED that I am up to 2.25 miles now. 10k here I come!
I HATE running, but a lot of it is mental. Be tough, be hard!!!! Last Sunday, I run 14 Miles for the first time. It was really hard, especially as I ran in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is much colder than what I am used to, but the elation when I pulled it off......
I have all kinds of tips I could give, but right now I need to be living by them myself! :)

I was a RUNNER in grad school.  My roomie and I went out for a 4-5 miler almost every day, I raced a 5k about monthly, and I ran a marathon almost 2 years ago.

Then I got married...and now it's hard to run again.  I don't like going by myself, I don't like getting sweaty and being nasty when he gets home from work, I don't have the time because I have to fix dinner...blah, blah, blah on the excuses!  But mostly, I hate how hard it is for me to run now compared with where I was.

So here's the thing:  running is GREAT exercise, and it's one of the easiest and most low-maintenance ones to get into.  But it IS really discouraging when you get out there and can't run fast or far.  (I used to do 4 miles at 8 minutes I do a run/walk 2 miles at 25 minutes.  Sad.)  Approach it like a battle, if you are as stubborn as I am.  Tell yourself that the fact that you can't do it makes you angry, and tell yourself that you WILL do it.  The desire for the accomplishment -- to come home and say, "I just ran 6 miles!" -- is pretty much enough for me once I get my butt off the couch and DO it.  It sounds like you have that part down already, but it's my biggest challenge.  Don't worry about form, time, distance, exertion, etc. until you have decided that you WANT to do this, and then just do the best you can and as long as it's enough for YOU, it's enough for anyone else too.
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There is a couch to 5K program on the web.  It is really easy and takes 9 weeks to build up to a 5K.  I can't remember the link, but a search should find it.
Here's the Couch to 5k link for anyone that needs it!
I just started running/walking. It is hard because I do it outside and it is cold out there. Myself and three others have formed a "club". We meet on Saturdays and I do not want to let them down, so I keep it up. We are training for the 1/2 marathon in Reno on May 6 next year (cinco de mayo race). It is an ambitious project for me. I am hoping that I can keep it up. (and loose the weight) I have just joined this web site and love it. I have 30 plus pounds to loose. The pounds have loved my body for years and it aint easy to get 'em off.

If there is anyone else that wants to do the Cinco de mayo run, let me know. I know they have 5k and 10k too. Thanks for the support
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i was the same way!! i even wrote blog about it  

trust me follow this it'll help you make the transition easier


walk for 10 minutes ( to warm up)
run for 1 minute
Walk for 10 minutes
run 1 minute

you may be sayin' this isn't goin to do anything im better off not running at all.. but you lungs will start to realize hey she's/he's using me up like crazy I need to get stronger for her/him!!! ( i mean it doesn't say that...but you know) your body will adjust. It will make it a point the next time you go outside and start walking to make sure they are ready for those 1 minute sessions of unusual stress and it will feel easier and your body wont be as shocked... each week increase the minute increment by 2 so the next week you will be walking 10 minutes run 3. walk 7 minutes...and so forth try to workout for at least 30 minutes though the heart association says 30 minutes is all you need to become and stay fit and dont forget to cool down for five minutes and stretch to prevent injury.

I sucked at running..I had asthma as a kid..and just could not get my breath to run....

I started walking and jogging in alternate times walk 5 min jog 2 walk 3 jog 3 walk 2 jog 4 etc...following Johnathan Roaches advice of interval workouts...It took me 2-3 months to be able to jog very long ...Now I can jog 30 min or so (with a walk warm up and cool down)...But I used music to regulate my workouts.... walk a song, jog a song...I also have a beach to jog on and I find I am less fatigued if I jog barefoot on the hard sand... or if I jog on grass (with shoes)...I have 8-10 lbs to lose...and have seen results finally with jogging....I do swim once in a while to mix it up a bit...

I like what Stephen said!  The first 5-10 minutes of ANY exercise is the hardest!!  Really...  the first goal of starting a running program is to find a pace that you are "comfortable" at.  After it becomes a habit, you can push harder if you wanna.

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