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I Want Smaller Thighs

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I work out about 4, sometimes 5 times a week. I usually run 2-3 times and take the Les Mills Body Pump class the other 2 times. 

"BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls."

I am pretty thin all over except for my thighs. So I don't necessarily need to lose weight, but I would like my thighs to be more proportional. I typically have to buy jeans 2 sizes too big in my waist in order for them to fit over my thighs.

Since Body Pump builds muscle, should I simply focus on running for now to get rid of the extra fat? I really enjoy the class, and I have noticed that the skin on my thighs is not as baggy or dimply as it used to be. I just want my jeans to fit a little better.

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Sounds like you have a shape to you. I for one, am happy not being straight up and down. Clothes are often designed unrealisticaly, and women have to compensate often, either wearing a smaller size on top or on bottom, belts, etc.

Your thighs are getting better, so keep at it. Do exercises you know target them and make sure you are eating enough and getting enough protein to build lean body mass. The hardest part is to try not to obesess over your thighs everyday. We all have trouble spots. too. It seems like no matter how much weight I lose, I still have thick, stocky legs. Its totally genetic. The only woman in my family who ever had slender legs had to get treatment for anorexia. article/training/lean_proportions I found this article pretty interesting. It talks about deciding if you need to lose fat or muscle, and explains how to go about doing each.

But I'm sure you're just curvy and beautiful. Don't be too down on yourself.

I've gotten a lot better accepting that they will always be large. Well, maybe I realize it and I'm still having a hard time accepting it.

That's because I have several pairs of jeans that bought last year after losing weight, so I know it's possible to fit into them. That was when I was just running all the time, not doing any weights, so I'm trying to figure out how to get back to that. I hope it doesn't mean giving up the classes. I get really confused about what I should eat and do regarding toning up my muscles and losing fat. But I'm thinking you have to do one at a time if you have to eat more to build muscle..

I am definitely glad I have curves, and I don't have a problem wearing belts. But you know how sometimes you have to tighten the belt so much that the jeans crease and it hurts your skin? It's like the waistband almost comes to a point on my back and jabs in. Ouch.

I demand a picture. I want to see these huge thighs that you are refrencing. I am sure they are much sexier than you realize. My thighs can get out of control (Check out the last picture in my gallery). But my new profile pic is one of me where I was about 135, close to what I am aiming for now. Huge difference, lots of work. They were not small, but I loved the strength and shape of them then. I got lots of compliments and never desired for them to be smaller. If I can do it, you can too!

I agree with cellothicks.  Your thighs are probably not nearly as big as you think they are.  I would choose stronger bigger thighs over a smaller jean size any day.

Delaney, I'd have to agree with the others.  I don't know how old you are but at my old age I can tell you that at different ages in my life I've had several times that my waist was considerably smaller than my hips and thighs, including this year.  In March I stopped going to the gym and when I bought summer capri's I was so happy that I was into size 12's.  In June I began riding again and now lifting and guess what, my thighs and waist don't agree on what size to be.  I guess what I'm trying to say is if you want to lose your muscle tone in your legs, you could have smaller thighs, but it would be better to try a different brand of jeans.

I have a similar theighs are always the LAST place to show weight lose.  I look back of pictures of me in my "skinny days" and back then I thought my theighs were HUGE but I would give anything to have them that size again lol.


One thing that I have had success with was when I was taking martial arts.  Think kickboxing.  A lot of slow or held-out kicks with leg weights, and then 100 fast kicks (without weights so you don't hurt your knees) without setting down your leg.  Focus on both front kicks and side kicks.  A few months of this kind of lower body workout makes your butt and theighs look great and I always thought it was fun, too!

I too have larger thighs than the rest of my body.  With careful shopping you can find pants that are cut to enhance your body type.  Many companies now sell curvy fit pants ( Ann Taylor & Loft, Gap, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer).  Also some brands of jeans are just cut more for us (Ralph Lauren, Gap, Levis, Joes)  It may take longer to find pants that fit well, but it will be worth it.  I have had to accept no matter how much I want Sevens and Citizens, they are just not cut for me.

I will look into the jeans you suggested, deltsea. I used to work at American Eagle and we got an awesome discount, so all my jeans are from there. Customers and co-workers would always ask what size jeans I wear and refused to believe me when I told them they were underestimating me by 2 sizes.

The only jeans that have ever fit me well are so expensive! Apple Bottoms, I like the way they fit, but they're not something I could wear every day. And I found a great pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans at Sam's Club. Even though they were at a huge discount, they were still close to $100... eeekk.

I think I might look into a tailor, too. If the pants I already have look good on me, of course I will like them better. Then it will be about the fit and not the size.

Thanks for all the responses everyone.

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