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I want to loose my stomach fat

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Generally I'm a pretty petite person- my arms are small, my legs are small, and I'm short but for some reason I have stomach rolls. I don't really know why I have a gut, no one would think I did until they saw me with my clothes off but I do. I super self conscious aobut it.

I've tried running and situps yet I still have the flab.... how do i get rid of it?? Any tips?

I have a goal of loosing it by January! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Vigorous cardio (especially running) + strength training is really the only way to go. Pilates is also brilliant. I wrote this in another post:

You don't need weights to target your stomach area. You need to do cardio to get rid of the fat (training the muscle isn't going to get rid of that layer of fat that is covering it). And you can easily do exercises in your room (when you wake up or before you go to bed) to strengthen your abs. Here are some very good examples:

Reverse Crunches
Crunches with twist
Bridge Ups
Bicycle Crunches (HIGHLY recommended)

If you do these religiously, along with your cardio, you should see results. But don't be impatient!

If it is at all possible, I seriously suggest you attend a pilates class. If you are strapped for cash, try to go for one or two sessions - so that you can learn the correct breathing and how to do the exercises. Then, buy yourself a pilates book and do it at home (in your room on the floor - you don't need much space). If you do an hour of pilates 2 times a week, you will see a REMARKABLE difference. It targets your core (abs) like nothing else.
Those are exactly the exercises i've been doing & all i seem to do is get thicker and thicker...i realize muscle weighs more than fat but I'm concerned about the way i look not about what shows on the do i fix it??
I've been told that when you do crunches you need to make sure that you're breathing correctly, or you could just end up adding bulk to your stomach.  I think you're supposed to breath in when you go up and breath out when you go down.  Maybe I have it backwards.  Anyone know more about this?
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Excersices will build muscle. That's the point. Cardio etc will help burn calories but unless you're eating less then you burn in a day the cardio will just make you fitter not leaner.
I also suggest trying a pilates class. Very good.
As for the breathing thing, from my pilates class, we breath in on the release, and out on the exercise.
So basically, breath in and out once. When breathing OUT, you should tighten your inner stomach muscles (Ladies, the best way to do this, is to tighen those vaginal muscles.). Practice breathing this way once or twice. When you are doing that right, start doing the crunches, remembering to breath out(keeping those inner muscles tight) xoming up, and breath in coming down.
You also should keep your eyes towards to ceiling. Your head should still face the roof, not the wall. Alot of people bend their head, which is incorrect.
You need the cardio to burn the fat. If you're only doing the crunches/etc then you're going to be building muscle, yes, but it's going to make you look bigger until you burn the fat that is on top of it. My friend started running 1 mile per day and ended up with a six pack from running alone.
Fatter!','',1);" onmouseout="hidetrail();">Aishiteru_sunshi ne - pilates is the way to go. You have to control your core properly, breath properly and stretch. I promise you, this is the way to a lean body.
Sorry to tell you but you can not simply do abdominal workouts to for a flat stomach.  As they said above a flat stomach is more a function of eating lean and cardio.  Have you measured your body fat lately?  It's all about body fat and your genetic tendencies,
Well I've been working out now for one month and I haven't seen any results. I don't know if it's what i'm eating, but i'm becoming so frustrated and discouraged. Can I get any ideas on what to do as far as eating right and working out to loose the stomach fat??? It's the only thing I want to loose the rest of my body is small. Help!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to repeat what alot of people here have already said--cardio, cardio, cardio. My stomach was where I carried ALOT of weight and it was the last to go--and it took me alot of running/cardio to lose it. I didn't even concentrate on crunches and ab work until I really saw it decrease. Then i started trying to tone--still no 6 pack but I am happy and still trying! :)
Well how much cardio did you do a day, week?? Because maybe that's where I'm going wrong.

Losing body fat is not some magical process, and doing ab work isn't the solution. A slight caloric deficit coupled with activity is what generates fat loss; you simply have to burn more calories than you're taking in.

You must find out exactly how much you are eating (most people are horrible at estimating it) and simply reduce that amount slightly (from either high sugar or high fat foods) to create a slight caloric deficit. If you are engaged in high activity, the body fat should come off relatively easily.
Troy is absolutely right about the body fat being ket to seeing results. Unfortunatley, even then genetics and life play a bigger role. I have a slight mommy tummy and even at 15-16% body fat, I don't have washboard abs! I do see a great deal more definition though. If I lost a few more pounds, it would make a huge difference.
You got to get to 12% body fat or below to start to see the abdominal wall muscles.  It can be done.
Yeah, you're right. I think I will save that goal for competition time. ;-)
My obliques and upper abs are very well defined, but the lower tummy is the killer. Any suggestions beyond the obvious diet. I know I need to incoporate weighted ab work, but wonder what excersizes are best.
A healthy body fat % for women is 21-24%.  12% or lower for a woman can be dangerous, and 14-20% is considered the 'athletic' range.  Compare that to the athletic range for guys being 6-13%.  So only shoot for 12% or less if you are a guy, please.  :)  Ladies, you were meant to have more fat on you than that.  :) 
Well, some are. I am naturally at 15-16, easily. I would only shoot below 14 if I were in a competition, and only for a short period of time. Thanks for your concern though Jenn. ;-) Trust me, I could not maintain 12% body fat! HA!
Sorry shill, didn't necessarily mean that to be directed at you.  I figured you knew better since you mentioned competing.  :)  I just didn't want some other woman reading the thread thinking the only way they could get defined abs was by getting below 12%.  Which is a great number for guys to aim for, no question!
Yea, 12% BF is pretty low for a lady but everyone is different.  I have known female athletes that would struggle at times with becoming too lean; but these girls are hardcore professional volleyball players less then 27 years old.  I would think it difficult for a sensible person to achieve that level of fitness.  I am talking about some serious high cardiac output training. 

Keep on doing what you're doing, assuming that you are tracking everything and are showing gradual progress. (consuming ample protein, reving up your metabolism by eating frequent small meals, eating clean, and performing high-rep multi-joint exercises) Remember, the first place on your body that you, as a genetically unique individual, accumulate fat will be the last place for it to burn away.  It is a slow process (To do it healthy) but that last little piece of the pot-belly will eventually go away too.  I have seen it happen.
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