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does anyone know how many calories are burned doing one set of say ten wall push-ups? what's the proper form? i can't do a "normal" push-up or even a "girl" push-up to save my life, but wall push-ups, i can handle.

any ideas?

thank you *walks over to the wall to get ready....*
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i once was in your same position. i could not do a push up to save my life either. so i did the same as you, i started with wall push ups. its hard to describe how to over the internet and im sure you could google what the correct form is. but the best advice i got was to make yourself feel like you are 1,000 pounds pushing yourself off the wall. make yourself feel heavy.

im not sure what the calories are. probably just a little less than regular ones.

I was trying to find the same information and found the following post. Don't know how to record the strength training thought!!

Hopefully this feature can be added.


"18 wall pushups a day isn't something that should have calories entered for. They'll be so low and inconsequential that they aren't worth eating back, because most likely they would get overestimated and you would end up eating back too much.

Just enter them under strength training (create your own), just to keep track of how many you did each day, because in reality it's probably less than 20 calories burned above and beyond what you would have burned siting on the couch as those aren't intense exercises." 8-exercise-ball

I can do push ups now I started at wall then kitchen sink then coffee table then on stair then floor. Call it x min aerobics
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