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walking - steps per minute

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The standard recommendation for 'moderate' intensity (male) is 100 steps per minute. The best I can manage is about 92 per minute. However, all my walking is done:

(a) over rough ground,

(b) over 'undulating' ground (as in inclines - figures are for low to high, not distance - of up 50m, down 20m, up 30m, down 40m, up 40m, down 30m up 20m, down 50m over a 4km walk);

or both.

Obviously that terrain makes a difference. Are there any experts around who can give me an idea of what my 92spm pace equates to? I imagine it must be a lot more than 100 and I would test out my theory but there is no level ground round here!

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I'm sorry I can't be of help with your question, but I was wondering where you got that info, about the standard intensity recommendation. I'm a walker, so it'd be interesting to see how far off I am from it.

Not sure if this will help but it's intresting. s_stepstomiles.aspx

To find your stride measure 30 feet (I stole the kids chalk to mark start and end) then start walking a few feet behind the line, count how many steps you take to get to for one to the other. divid 30' by steps = stride

I take 120-140 steps per/min. I have short legs and a husbnd with long legs so I have been training for years to keep up. LOL. 

If you only know your permin (you don't have a counter) add 92x60= 5520

(at a 3 foot stride which is hubby's that's 3.2 miles per hour.)

I checked mine a few weeks ago and I do 125 per minute. I found a website that said 100+ per minute is considered power walking. Didn't save the link though.

The info came from various web sites (Google search "steps per minute") but is actually fairly useless - typical (mis)reporting of a scientific study.

I have since found the abstract of the study: 97 adults (mean age of 32.1 and a mean BMI of 28.8) completed four 6-minute incremental walking bouts on a level treadmill.  Headline of the conclusion was "moderate-intensity walking appears approximately equal to at least" 100spm ... but the second sentence pointed out that "step counts per minute is a poor proxy for METs" and so 100spm should be used "only as a general physical activity promotion heuristic."

So (perhaps unsurprisingly) what I really need to find are some good MET figures ...

PS (re other comments) I use a pedometer (Omron HJ-113) which seems fairly accurate - I have calibrated it with routes of o.8km and 1.1km over which I have counted my own steps (gives me a much more accurate stride length than testing a mere 30m or 50m). The only problem I have noted with the pedometer is that some 'phantom' steps get added while driving.

I don't get the "phantom steps because I walk from my front door, do our loop, then back to my door. 

I use the site for the mph to add my activity here. 

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