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Walking on sand

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Hi! Does anyone have any information on how many calories are burned while walking on a beach?  I have searched this site and I find all kinds of info on walking on a firm surface but I am sure there is a greater amount of calories expended while walking on soft sand. I am 137 lbs today but my usual weight is closer to 131 lbs. I do a brisk walk so probably 4 mph.
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when I hike in sandy places, or walk on beach, sinking into the sand slows me down.  Altho I believe, the effort burns slightly more calories, but have no idea the amount.


Walking on sand burns twice as many calories as walking on firm ground according to this website! .aspx?cid=18310.


Depends on how fast you walk. Sand does offer more resistance and is great for building up your legs (esp calves). Just be sure to wear your sneakers if you are walking briskly (for fitness) otherwise the shifting sand isn't good for bare feet (unless you are just strolling).

This site has the information for you to calculate your calories burned on flat ground, based on your weight, speed, and distance…once you calculate that...add  20% to 50% for sand, snow, or hills.

it's always an estimate.  no website can account for individual fitness and exertion. 




even with a HRM, calculations are estimates.  there are far too many factors involved to calculate precisely, and even individually, exertion can change from day to day and hour to hour.

short of locking ourselves in metabolic chambers indefinitely, it's all best guess.

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