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Walking in place

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Does anyone walk in place?

I ask because I car pool on Tues and Thurs. My office job ends at 4-4:30pm and my ride doesn't come until 6-7pm. I would like to get 45 min - 1 hour walk in during this time.

I cannot walk around the area since I work in a low income/high crime area. 

I cannot find an idea of the calories burned while walking in place. I am assuming that it isn't much different than a regular walk. I also saw on another site that stepping side to side will add to a walking in place routine.

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can't you walk in your building? run the stairs? do some push-ups? something? 

walking in place doesn't seem like a very good use of your time.

My office shares the building with a health clinic and upstairs apartments. There are no stairs (for my access-- only for apartment members). My office has a set of cubicles in the middle (I have a wall office) which I could walk around when there isn't a training. Trainings are every Tues and Thurs (just my luck. ha). Things like jump rope aren't possible either due to noise.

I thought about setting a step stool and doing steps that way in my office. And yes, I did consider push-ups but obviously I can't do this for an hour ;)

Our buiding is a remodeled warehouse so it is really goofy. Our kitchen/break area is an old walk-in safe.

Re Walking/ Marching in place; Time your walking while on your "virtual treadmill". For each half-hour you march in place at a normal brisk pace of 120 steps per minute (about 3.5 miles per hour), you will burn an amount of calories that equals your weight in pounds. In other words, if you weigh 150 pounds, marching in place on the virtual treadmill will burn 150 calories each half-hour, or 300 calories each hour. To find out how many calories you are burning per minute, simply divide 150 calories per half-hour by 30 minutes, or divide 300 calories per hour by 60 minutes, which, in this case, equals 5 calories per minute.

But actually, I like your step idea for burning the maximum calories per hour depending on the height of the step, CC has these two options;

  1. Aerobic - Step, With 6 - 8 Inch Step
  2. Aerobic - Step, With 10 - 12 Inch Step

Plus major bonus on working thighs and glutes!. You could also do a combo of the Step-ups with Push-ups (off the desk or step), Lunges and Squats. Even with just body weight only, these exercises are effective at working the biggest muscles in your body and giving you the most calorie burn for your situation. If while stepping or marching you add in simultaneous arm exercises (such as shoulder press, bicep curls or bent over rows) while holding anything (ie can/water bottle/a dumbbell if you can manage it) will increase your heart rate and therefore burn more calories.

For more ideas that might inspire you, check out this link for other exercises using your body-weight only; m

How about different plyometric exercises?  Things like burbees and mountain climbers that you can do in your office - I think that would be a better "bang for your buck" than walking in place. 

Also maybe you can invest in some adjustable free weights?  I just got a set for $40 that comes in a case, you can carry them with you and add plates depending on how much you want to lift.  Again, you can do weighted exercises that would give you a better burn/cardio exercise than just walking in place. 

I would think you could maybe also put on some headphones and dance in your office until you break up a sweat! ;)

Or an exercise band which is very lightweight.  ;-)

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