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What does walking 1-2 miles a day with a 20 lb backpack do?

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in terms of muscle toning, calorie burning, etc?

i walk about 45 minutes each day with a 20 lb backpack on (to classes and back)
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Go to the activity log and check walking.  THere is a selection on carrying weights / load and if its uphill, fast, slow etc...

I would guess its probably a good workout.  When I walk I do about 2 miles and it burns about 300 cals but thats going up steep hills and at a good pace. I think with a backpack it would be better, just make sure you are keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles in for a better workout and health. 
i've checked, but thats only for uphill.

im thinking it might be just bad for my back
As long as your posture is good, it should be fine.  This is the kind of activity humans were made for so there is nothing inherently wrong with it. 

If it is hurting your back, try looking for another backpack maybe, or adjust your backpack straps.  Check your posture.  You may need to start doing back-strengthening exercises and/or stretches.  When you walk, are you able to carry your shoulders behind your chest, or do they stoop forward?  Do your soulders hunch?  Does your back arch back at the top, or does it curve forward a lot at the small of the back?  These are all signs of bad posture. 
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Yup if your back is bothering you look at the pack. 20lbs isn't that much. OTOH over time you'll get used to it and the workout will have less value.
not bothering me really, just figured that it will eventually

do you think it gives me any physical benefit?                                         

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