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I have been on a diet for almost 4 months now I have lost right at 30 lbs. I exercise many by walking a lot of it has been in the house though. I am just wondering am I doing some thing wrong? I mean my body is difently showing that it can't be all bad. I have read a lot of reports on walking none of them say all that much about doing it in side. so I guess I may have just answered my question my self I would still like to know what you all think about walking in doors?? 
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There's nothing wrong with walking inside.  Lots of people want to stay inside during certain times of the year, depending on where they live.  In the colder parts of Canada, there are 'mall-walking' groups that walk through malls when it's too cold to walk outside.  Having said that, is there a reason you don't want to go outside?
thanks for that answer you sent . and the reason I didnt want to go out is well I do walk out side some times. but since Feb the weather hasn't been the greatest around here. and the rain as of late  isn't any fun. I seem to change it up I like to walk so I do it in the house and out side. I just heard from a dumb person that I was never going to lose as long as I walked in doors is all. I have had a lot of folks being happy about me losing weight and some that are real hateful about it.
Moving is moving.  If you move with the same level of intensity when you're inside as when you're outside, it shouldn't matter.  Just ignore the hateful people - I had one person actually make a point of telling me to eat some of the pie she brought to work because she could see I was losing weight.  Her problem - not mine.  Hateful people are jealous because you're taking control and making positive decisions about your life.
I walk inside all the time because it's either too cold or too hot for my asthma outside. runnerinvic is right about the intensity. There are lots of walking videos out there if you want to do something different from time to time. Just blow off those hateful people and consider the source! Hang in there and congrats on the 30 lbs. That's really great! You've got to be doing something right!
i just dont walk inside, i JOG inside our house. ;p

fortunately for me, our house is elngoated (is that corrrect? lols), i mean, our house is kinda long! hahahaha

my point is, it's ok. you're in the comfort of your home and you can play your favorite CD in your stereo ;p

and you're safe inside your house. lots of water too! :D

have you tried "shakin it", dancing in your  house?  you could put your favorite tunes on, be in your own private area (at home) and walk, then "boogie" and walk and dance.  I do it all the time!  my 2 year old likes all kinds of music, big band to old school, to rap.  we just click on the tunes and do wierd steps all over the house.  it will really get your heart rate up!  :)
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