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walking everyday, good/bad, stuck at plateau"over exercising/working out"........

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I walk everyday, from 2-4 miles.  2 miles in the morning, and then 2 in the evening if I "feel" like it.  My pace is around 4.5-5 mph, jogging is not an option at this weight.  I walk for a total of 30min to 1 hr a day.

Question is...............

Is it good for the dreaded plateau which I have been in for 2 weeks at and can not get below 255.  Or will it kick me over the edge and break it at some point.

stats........SW...269 7/28/08.........CW 255-257 for the past 2 weeks.  Goal is to be at 240ish by nov 1.

I set the meter at Sedentary and try to stick to the cal intake based on what I add to the activities.  I also lift weights through out the day, 10 min here, 10 there, and try to do a total of 30-40 min a day.

So again, what should I do to break out of the plateau, or will it do it on its own and do I cut back on the walking or increase.  It is driving me crazy.



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Funny you ask a question about how to achive a better weight loss, and get no response, BUT if you ask a question about seeing people naked in a locker room you get 50+ responses!

go figure.


Sorry for the rant, I am just stuck and was looking for some advice to my sitution.


I walk every day, too, and it's helped come down from 276 to 229.  I've had a few plateaus in the meantime, and I find that usually I just have to ride them out.  I'll try to mix things up in terms of diet, zigzagging calories and stuff like that.  In general, though, I think plateaus happen when your body needs to pause for a little bit and adjust to a new lower weight.  Eventually, the scale always starts moving again.

As for your above post, threads about naked people are a lot more fun and novel than threads about fitness walking.  We've all seen thousands of posts about diet, exercise, and all that, but when we see something new to chat about,  a lot of us tend to respond.  Making snarky comments about how your post hasn't been answered turns a lot of people off.  A simple bump will do.

Have some patience, you didn't even wait a full 24 hours.

Anyway 2 weeks isn't really a plateau yet, you have only been at this for month and dropped  about 15 lbs. Give it another week or two. If you haven't seen improvements, maybe switch to all weights for one or two days of the week.

Also, you might want to look at your calorie intake. It may be too much or not enough.

What's your weightlifting routine like?

Yes I know the threads are fun, I read them also.  Just venting some frustrations I am having, sorry to take it out here.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I will cool my jets.


I have a bow flex  I try to use ever other day, I use the exercises manual that came with the machine.  I try to work all the groups for about 7-8 min, for a total of 30 min or so.  Weight on that ranges from 100-140.

When I do not do that, I have free weights and a bench I use, this mixes it up a bit.  I will do chest, arms, back and legs, at reps of up to 15, rotating 3 times with a min rest in between.  The weight for back chest and arms is 75, for legs I use two 25 pounds and do my squats and lunges.





I'd find a full-body strength training routine that's made up of compound movements.  Do it 3 days per week and maintain a calorie deficit.

Keep walking if you have time, but prioritize the weight lifting at least for a while.

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