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Does walking in cold and snow make a difference?

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I live in Anchorage, Alaska and walk my dog in the cold (around 20 degrees) and snow a lot. Does walking in cold weather and snow burn more calories than regular conditions? The activity log doesn't have anything for walking in snow. Just wondering.
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Your body burns more calories when it is cold, so yes
But... your body has to be cold.. if you are in a nice warm parka then no, your body does not burn extra calories...

It's like if you go for a swim in an unheated pool that has a temperature that is lower than your body temp.  THEN you will be burning more calories to maintain your body temp.
Thanks for your input.

I usually wear a warm jacket and sweat upper body, but just wear jeans which means I can't feel my legs after a hour and half walk. If I just take her outside for a short walk/potty break I don't bundle up as much. In fact, after my last 10 min walk around the neighborhood my legs are still warming up...I've been in for 20 or more minutes. Guess getting a dog may be a good thing for my weight loss goals ;0).
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Deep snow is harder to walk in then a clean sidewalk.  Plus if you are wearing boots coat etc that's more weight your hauling around then summer when you are wearing much less.

How much of a difference is the question.
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