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Will two weeks of not exercising make a huge difference? :/

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I haven't exercised for a week due to being super busy, and this week I have come down with the flu so I'm not going to be able to do my regular strength training and cardio for another week now :/ ...

Will two weeks of not exercising cause me to gain weight or loose muscle and go flabby. I've worked so hard to get my muscular figure and I'm scared that I'll loose it. I've considered exercising but I haven't been eating much at all, and obviously I'm fighting the flu?? .. I dunno, do you think I should try to exercise when I'm ill or not? :/

Please replyyyyy!

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I always read not to exercise when you are sick. Any minor strength losses can be regained when you are feeling better.

Do not exercise while sick.

Get healthy.

The only way 2 weeks not exercising will matter is if when healthy you do not resume the exerciose habit


I haven't been able to do my normal exercises the past 2 weeks, as finals are coming next week and I have been stressed. I haven't lost my weight as fast, but I sure as heck am not magically turning floppy. Your body will know what to do when you have time to get back in the gym. Don't worry and let yourself heal.

Thanks for replying. I feel so lazy for not exercising but when I stand up my head starts spinning and I go really light headed so I know it wouldn't be wise for me to exercise, plus I'm eating barely 1000 calories because I have no appetite. Do you think I could maybe go on a walk? .. I just feel so guilty because I'm lying around all day :/ 

If you are feeling lightheaded when you stand, I would put off exercise. Judge how you feel for the day and maybe take a short walk, but do not stress yourself out over it. I know it can be difficult, but you have to do what's best for your body.

I know you probably realize this, but you are eating far too little calories right now. I know when we get sick we want to sleep all day, but you have to fuel the recovery too. See about getting a protein shake in or a spoonful of peanut butter to up the count, it will help you get back on your feet faster.

Focus on getting better, which is hard to do. I went on a four hour strenuous hike with a severe cold and it probably just extended the cold. Sometimes it's hard to rest. Get well.


Based on my personal experience over the years, no, two weeks off from exercising will not make a big difference.

I have taken off periods from a few days to a few months.  I do not feel that any big difference ever occurred.

However, overall, weight gain will be connected to calories consumed and calories burned.  So I suppose if a person eats a surplus of calories over two weeks, he/she could gain weight.  It sounds to me, though, that since you are ill, you shouldn't be gaining any weight.  In fact, you don't want to lose weight because of illness.

Sometimes taking two weeks off from exercising, though, means we need to ease back into it and that we can not immediately jump right back into the intensity and duration we were doing before the mini-break.  This is true at least, for me, as far as strength-training goes when I usually cut back a bit at first as far as the weights and reps until I get back into my regular routine.

Best of luck!

I had to have a colposcopy last year and couldn't exercise for 6 weeks after and was fine. I had to take it a little easier than where I left off and made sure I didnt overeat while I was inactive but sometimes a rest does you good

REST REST REST!  I've got that same icky bug as you...feelin seasick...last week was crazy busy and pouring rain and I missed my workouts...this week I'm's going to be ok.  try and up your cal intake to at least your BMR, gotta fuel your recovery, so true...keep your water intake up as well to help flush it all out.  I lost 3lbs last week and this week and I ate at least my BMR all days...

when you're finally feeling better, definitely EASE INTO your exercise...xoxo

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