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Tried to search for something on pigeon-toed runners...came up short. Guy at the shoe place was a moron.

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Horrifying confession: I am pigeon-toed. Very much so. I have to actually concentrate on not tripping myself when I run sometimes. Running downhill is quite an operation for me.

The guy at the shoe store tried to tell me that I over-pronate...I said, "you mean I over-supinate?"
He says, "Yeah. What'd I say? That's what I meant." :/

So...any fellow pigeon-toed runners want to share which shoes work best for them? I'm starting to really feel the effects of my...particular gait. There's too much strain in some places and other places are completely under-utilized.

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I'm not sure if my situation is quite as dire as the one you describe but I'm certainly toe'd-in. (It's charming right...?). Just pulled my shoes out of my gym bag... they are Mizuno and the side says "Wave Rider 13" so I'm assuming that's the style. I don't know why this computer isn't letting me post a link I found to them, but I got there by searching for "wave rider 13."

Anyway, a local sporting goods store helped me pick them out. They're nothing too fancy, but they have made running SO MUCH more comfortable! I was pretty amazed at the difference the first time I tried running in them versus when I just picked a random shoe (never again). Have lasted a decent amount of time- 9 months? Est. 200-300 road miles and a ton more on the elliptical? Very rough guesses but I was happy with the quality of the brand. I think I have also seen these shoes recomended on these boards to help with this before.

Thanks. I'll google those.

Im the same its so embarrassing! On the treadmill and losing my balance if I dare look away from the console! 

I got terrible shin splints- I could time them 7mins 45 seconds into the run and ouch. I went to the podiatrist and got custom insoles to support my feet- cost a lot of bucks but totally worth it! 

You can get insoles with standard arch support for about £20 -30- they might help too :)

I'm not pigeon toed, but I do tend toward over-supination. VFFs work really well for me. Laughing Also, Brooks Ghost.

Not pigeon-toed but a supinator since I was a little kid (had the orthotics and everything--not a great way for a kid to be cool...).

I second the Brooks Ghosts and have also had every version of the Asics Gel-Nimbus since the Nimbus 4 (I think they're on 11 now).  Love 'em both--the asics are my primaries and the brooks are my backup sneaks.  They're different when you're running and both have their pros and cons, of course, but they handle the supination equally well.

A lot of running store people are not used to seeing supinators; we're relatively rare, apparently.

Good luck!

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Hello... I am a running specialist at a Dick's Sporting Goods. My recommendation for anyone who supinates (ankles lean outward) would be a Brooks Ravenna series shoe. Currently the Ravenna 3 is the newest. It is specifically structured for runners who supinate. If you wish to try on a pair go to your nearest Dick's store or if you'd like to read more info about the shoe feel free to visit I hope this helps! ^_^ ~Quick and silent~
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And btw... a statistic... Supinaters make up less that 5% of the population...
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