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tree trunk legs...anyone else have this problem?

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I've been cursed with thick legs, and large knees. While I can't do anything about the size of the bones, there's also a large fat pat surrounding the entire area. What will help this? The entire leg needs a reshape, especially the knees. Anyone else have this problem? My legs look like tree trunks.
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well, having been on this site since like july and listening to a lot of diferent posts from some very knowledgeable people....cardio is really the only thing that will get rid of fat. from what i understand it's almost impossible to spot exercise: like exercise one area to remove the fat from it. but by doing cardio you can decrease the overall amount of fat on your body (it sort of comes off in layers like an onion) and with time the fat will remove itself from  your legs...if i said any of this wrong someone come in and beat me and then correct me lol. i have a similar situation with a spot of fat that id like BELLY lol but it seems since it was the largest its going to take the longest to shrink!
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