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who has a tread mill? i'm thinking about getting one, but wanting some feed back from others about it.  Do you really use them like you promised yourself you would?  any tips on program or running regime  ty:)
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I have had one for about 10 years.  I use it in the winter when it is just too dark and cold to go outside before, or for that matter, after work.  Like any other fitness routine you have to make yourself to it, and then suddenly you find yourself missing it if something happens that makes you skip.  Like most exercise, you get more benefit from the real thing - biking over a stationary bike, free weights over machines - but if it means you will continue when the weather is bad, it is worth it.   
My mom has had one for years and she would go through cycles. For a few months she'd use it constantly and then something would happenand she'd break her routine and not go back to it for months. I used to do the same thing when I lived at home. I've found my best modivation is to head to the gym. But, if you can keep using the treadmill as part of your weekly routine I think it's worth it. Especially if the weather gets nasty or you can'tfind the time to work out until later in the evening or early in the morning. GOod luck!
Personally I think just walking outside around the neighborhood or go to a school track would be just as effective.  But then again I live in AZ where walking in the winter isn't bad - but walking in the summer can be rough. 

I personally use an elliptical because I was developing plantar fascitis and shin splints from walking.  I like the low/no impact of the elliptical and I think it gives me a better work out than walking.  but that is just me.
Like others have said if you use any type of equipment its going to be worth it.  The hard part is finding something you will enjoy for a long period of time considering the expense involved.  That's another reason why I got the elliptical - it was $350 including the shipping and it was the best $$ we ever spent for exercise equipment cuz I use it very very often.
I would love a treadmill but my apartment is the size of a shoebox... so I bought a tiny stationary bike, which I do use :)
I LOVE my treadmill! I ALWAYS use it. Couldn't live without it! I'm on my third one actually -- I just wear them out! :) 
mine is on the fritz and i'm saving to buy another.  it was a clothes hanger for a long time but I started using it last year and I found that it helped me consistently achieve my target heart rate that I didn't do quite as well walking because i would start dawdling and looking at flowers or...  i also go to the gym but on other days, i think i finally am ready to make the commitment to use equipment at home... more during bad weather and when it's too dark to walk...

i also was wondering about an eliptical because the treadmill hurts my knees sometimes... so there is some impact on treadmills...
I have a treadmill, it's my second one. I wore out the first one. While I enjoy running outside more, when the weather doesn't allow for it, I can just hop on that and go. I would recommend setting it up where you can watch tv or at least be able to listen to music while you do it, otherwise it can get pretty boring. Mine is nearing the end of it's life and so I'll be getting another one again!
I love my treadmill.  Mine is a spacesaver type and folds upright in half when I am not using it.

I had a cheap one before and didn't like it at all. It is worth the money to buy a better one..... around $1000 or more.

Mine is Ok for running too.  I like the auto heart rate option.

Good luck.
How long does a treadmill last??  I bought one a couple years ago, and I am afraid that the motor will "die" soon.  How much to motors usually run??  I don't think I would buy a new treadmill, just the motor.
Did you buy it from a Fitness Equipment Store?  If yes, call them and they will give you some hints or suggestions to make it last or give it a tune-up.

Everything depends on the make and model of the treadmill.  Some are worth repairing and others are not.
My wife has the treadmill in our bedroom for past 10 Years. I have found it a great place to hang the dry cleaning when I bring it home. After Christmas both my wife and I decided to loos weight for our daughters wedding in June ( neither of us want to be the only cows in the wedding pictures ) I have cleaned the dry cleaning off the treadmill for her and so far she hasn't used it. We both are going for about a 2 mile walk 3 times a week and that seems to be working for us both. In 30 days shes down 12 lbs(weight watcher) and I'm down 17( counting calories), Guess I can go back to hanging my cleaning on it.
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Didn't read the other posts, so sorry if I repeat.

My treadmill is like an old friend, always there when I need it.  I would much rather running outside, but things happen and sometimes I need to squeeze in a run on the threadmill. 

Bad weather, time constraints, kids, my favorite TV program, sore legs..... use my treadmill. 

Paid $500 and got my money's worth.
I like mine too, although I like the elliptical more.  I bought mine from a relative, so I didn't spend a whole lot.  Mine also will fold up, but it is in my bedroom so I just leave it out.  It is heavy and I have a hard time folding it.  If you want one, but aren't sure you will use it, keep an eye on the classifieds...people often sell them when they realize they aren't going to use them.
i have a treadmill but it gets so boring after a while.i used an elliptical machine at the gym and love that so much more. it made time go by much faster.
This time of year and in the summer I love my treadmill! But on nicer days I walk outdoors. It can get boring, but I have mine facing a window and I have an IPOD. That helps a little.
I struggled with the same question - to buy or not to buy. In the end, I decided against buying a machine. I am trying to build up my fitness level - mostly through jogging and running on the treadmill at the gym. I looked (and tried out) several models and the ones that were sturdy enough and powerful enough to sustain the speeds that I was jogging at (and it wasn't all that fast) were really expensive. The Precor was the model that I wanted - since it was the one I was used to from the gym. I looked into those and they run about $3000 to $5000. The cheaper ones that I found at Sears and other retailers made a lot of noise and sounded like they were falling apart. There's nothing more unmotivating than feeling like you are so heavy that you are phyically BREAKING your own treadmill!! :)  My gym membership is only $20 a for the money that I would have spent on the treadmill, I can get over 10 years worth of gym memberships - and let someone else worry about maintenance...Besides, I get other benefits from being at the gym like access to new equipment every few years, a variety of different machines and weights as well as the social component.
If you are unsure about whether you would like the treadmill, try a 3 month gym member ship.  It will cost you $100 or so and you can use all of their equipement for 3 months and decide which one you like.

You can then shop around and chose the right piece of equipement for you.
thanks everyone,  I thinkI will purchase the treadmill. like you've all said, worst case scenerio is that it might collect dust from time to time but it'll always be around when I need it.
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I'm late on this, but I would definitely recommend getting one.  I was leery of putting out $500, but I knew with 2 jobs, kids and so on that I could not get to a gym.  The treadmill has been one of my best investments.  I use it from October through April and then I just walk/jog outside in the spring and summer!
Where do you live??  I'll sell you mine.  Best quality treadmill...over $1000.  I am just one of those people that has to have a gym to stay motivated.  I've used it three times...literally! 
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