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I had a hyserectomy 2 years ago and formed an incisional hernia due to shoveling snow in a freak October snow storm.  It is in my lower abdomon, the Dr. won't fix it until I loose weight.  I tried going for weight/cardio training to help loose.  The trainer didn't want to have me do any weights that put strain on my tummy.  It made my intestines push out of the hole. 

Can I loose weight by the treadmill alone?  I weigh 237 and want to loose 37 that I have gained over the past 4 years due to prednisone, hysterectomy and hypothyroidism.  (I also had gasteric bypass 14 years ago) My long term is to finish going down to what I was at weight maintenance of 190 lbs. (35 of that is excess skin)

What can I do besides walking? I work out on my lunch hours and we have a gym downstairs.  I am 41 5 foot 3 inches and small frame.

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First of all, it's good that you are working with a trainer - he/she will be able to help you monitor your process so that you lose weight quickly, effectively and without hurting yourself. Especially given the fact that you need to be very careful.

Losing weight, in my opinion, is a combination of math, good sense and willpower. First the math:  if you want to lose weight at a healthy rate you need to consume 300-500 calories less a day than your normal daily calorie needs. This can be done by eating less; by exercising more or a combination of both. If you consume radically less than your Daily Intake needs, you can slow your metabolism which is actually a catch 22 because it will utimately cause us to gain weight.

Willpower: eating the right foods in the right amounts will help you meet your calorie needs, get the nutrients your body requires and do so without feeling hungry or deprived. the calorie counter helps will all this because if you are honest you see how different foods really impact your nutritional intake as well as your fat and caloric intake.  I live in Italy and am used to eating very good cheese. I love cheese and I can't and won't cut it out of my diet. But the realization that a very small piece of cheese has 100 calories and a good amount of fat is enough to help me be a little more careful when I eat it.

Good sense: Any cardio-based exercise that is low intensity (for your stomach issues) can help you lose weight because you are burning calories and getting stronger. I am a firm believer of weight training for long term loss and maintenance but you need to be careful with this and it doesn't sound like for now it is an option.  I personally like the elipical machine because it works both legs and arms.  Swimming is excellent too.

A steady and healthy rate to lose weight is 1-2 pounds a week.  The site will help you calculate your calorie needs (based on age, weight, size, etc.) and the food log will help you figure out if you are meeting them. 

 Good luck!

If you are strict with yourself in your calorie counting, ie creating a deficit of 500-1000 calories a day, yes you can absolutely lose a lot of weight on JUST a treadmill.

I lost  80 lbs so far on JUST a treadmill.  I LOVE it both at home and at my gym.

Best of luck to you :)

Based on my experience, I think it is possible to lose weight via treadmill alone when you have a large enough number of pounds to lose.  Early on in my weight loss program I was very heavy on the cardio and lost a significant amount of weight.  As you get closer to an ideal weight though I do think it is harder lose based on cardio alone.  Good luck to you.

I think it is definitely possible to lose a significant amount of weight strictly doing cardio, however it will probably take a little longer to do so.  Since muscle helps burn fat, it would be helpful to try and do something that would help you do both.  The Dancing with the stars DVD, yoga or belly dancing will teach you to target your stomach muscles in a way that shouldn't put too much pressure on them.  Give it a try.  Good luck!!
You won't lose weight with the treadmill alone.  You need to create a calorie deficit by eating less than what you burn.  A calorie deficit of 1000 cals a day will lead to a 2 lb. a week weight loss so you can reach your goal in 18 1/2 week.  The treadmill will however help you burn more calories each day so it is easier to create the 1000 calorie deficit.  The treadmill also has other benefits like improved cardiovascular health.
Yes.  As trhawley states.  A calorie deficit is necessary.  So eating right is key as well.  Treadmill can help make that deficit easier to accomplish.  Again good luck.
I am sorry, I guess I should have stated that I am doing the calorie counts and have been having a calorie deficit from my target of 1650 I have been trying to keep it at 1300 or so...
You will need to adjust this as you burn more calories from the exercise.  Are you sure your burn is only 1650.  That seems awfully low.  At the weight you mentioned I would think it would be in the high 2000's at least.  I personally weigh about 235 and I burn right around 3000 a day without much excercise.  If you are working with a personal trainer you may want that person to help you figure those numbers out.  Something does not quite add up.
ditto trhwaley...  I'm also a bit surprised that your trainer did not suggest the use of an elliptical trainer in your situation.  Much less impact than a treadmill and can burn about 10% more calories.
Sorry again, my BMI is 2130.

OK.  A BMR of 2130 for you sounds about right.  Mine is right around 2180 or so.  The BMR is basically what you would burn if all you did is sit around all day or sleep all day.  What you would burn doing nothing but the very basic body functions.

If you are eating 1300 then you are creating about a 830 calorie deficit from your BMR.

I have to believe you are doing more than just sitting around so your actual burn is probably higher than 2130.  Which would mean your deficit is even larger than 830.  If you add additional exercise it will go higher.  You will need to eat more thant 1300 calories to safely maintain a proper deficit.   You are barely eating over the base level of nutrition.

I was able to lose 55 lbs by diet and walking only.  I didn't have access to any gym or workout equipment so just a pair of shoes and the street (we don't even have sidewalks here where I live)  It is more than doable.
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