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Treadmill weight loss?

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Has anyone had much success using the treadmill as their only form of exercise to help them lose weight?  I bought one a couple of weeks ago and plan on using it as much as possible to help me lose a good 20 lbs before I hike the Grand Canyon next summer.  Any great success stories out there?  I'd love to hear them.
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I don't use it quite exclusively, but it is a major component.  Especially in the last month as the weather has gotten colder.  But I have also used the eliptical and my bicycle as well.  However, I think that using treadmill alone can be effective by itself.  You just need to burn calories and you can definitely do that on a treadmill.  I just like switching things up now and then.

BTW - I've lost nearly 27 lbs. in 3 months using the treadmill as a major component in my exercise.

Good luck to you.

Personally the treadmill is my favorite piece of cardio equipment (I can't stand the elliptical or the bike for long periods of time... and I just refuse to do the stairmaster). The only thing you gotta keep in mind is that you should change up your intensity level fairly often just to prevent your body from "getting used to" doing that type of exercise (i.e. your body will run more efficiently once it adapts to a certain exercise and consequently you'll burn less calories doing it).

I try to counteract that by changing the incline (incline intervals), running long distances at a steady speed, or speed intervals.

P.S. The best results I've had were when I was running lots (outside and/or on the treadmill) and doing a lot of weight-training.

Good luck!
treadmill is my major component for cardio and for my weightloss in general.  have lost 105 lbs in 4 months
Great feedback.  Thanks everyone.  I'm now more motivated than ever to continue hopping on my treadmill.
I'm a little late but I can only agree with previous posts. The treadmill is also the most important cardio equipment for me.

I don't do it exclusively but it's fabulous.

I hate elipticals they burn tons but it's not really healthy for you unless you have a super spine which I don't.

My DH and I bought a treadmill because I had just had a baby and wasn't able to go to the gym anymore. (They had a daycare but who wants to take an infant around all those germs.) Anyway, I've been pretty much just running on the treadmill for the past 2 years. I've lost all my weight by running and occasionally doing toning videos.

I love my treadmill! Don't know what I'd do without it.

That's why I got a treadmill too.  I'm a stay at home mom and can't afford a gym membership and also can't stand the thought of taking my baby to the day cares there.

I hope I start seeing a difference after buying my treadmill.  My weigh in day is we'll see......

I use the treadmill 6 to 7 days a week and is my main form of cardio, have lost 85 pounds in just over 4 months.


You can do hills and build strength, you can run, do intervals, just plain walk. It's a remarkably versatile piece of equipment if you use it right. Learn how to do the different settings and play with it. I love mine... obviously has helped alot.


I would however also do other things like the bike or jumping jacks or whatever else like running stairs or something to supplement it. Hope that helps, good luck!!!

I love my treadmill. I try to walk 3 miles a day and I do vary the speed and incline. I also added yoga practice about a year and a half ago. I was feeling "stubby". I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis so I have a lot of joint problems and stiffness. Yoga has not only helped me with the stiffness but also has developed muscle tone I've never had before.

I am sorta new here but I just wanted to point of a few things.  One any one exercise as your body gets use to it, can effect the ammount the body burns.  When your body does a certain exercise it trains the body to do that activiy.  That is why tennis players look a lot different then football players and so on because the train differently.  As far as losing the weight it will be fine on the treadmill but your training your body to become a runner/walker which is fine but I would def suggest add jump roaping or an arobeics tape because that is what will increase your flexability, and other muscles that running doesnt involve.  I think loseing fat over all is awsome goal and is great, but what is the point of it?  To become more healthy I would hope.  If your doing to to become more helpful, then why limit yourself?  hope this has helped.


I am also a treadmill fan.  Another way you can change up your routine is putting on wrist weights.  My treadmill has crossbars on it (picture the eliptical bars on a treadmill).  With my wristweights on and the bars tightened for decent tension I get a nice workout on my arms, back and sides of my midsection.  You can still get a similar workout without the bars and just using the wristweights. 

I also vary my incline, distance, speed, etc.  Some treadmills have workout programs built in them and it'll automatically change the inclines and speeds.  So cool!  So versatile!  Ahem, I also do other exercises to supplement, just like many other responders mentioned.

I have never lost any weight by running outside or on the treadmill. granted the highest i ever got on the treadmill was 6.6 and that was for 1 minute while doing HIIT. i prefer taebo where i can use the resistance bands and work my whole body at once.
I did nothing but the treadmill for 5 months and lost  a very good amount of weight. I only kicked in another form of exercise because I was bored and didn't feel challenged anymore. But my weight loss trend never stopped or my body got used to it.
I have heard that can happen, but never did to me. Anytime I stopped losing, I was still losing inches because I was building muscle or I was retaining water from my period :P
for the longest time i only used the treadmill and lost 50 pounds since june..and i made sure i dieted and all..figure youre gonna diet too along with it..i love the treadmill and i dont do any other cardio machine..but if you got some dumbbells lying around it cant hurt to work with them a little along with the cardio

how many hours should we use per day?

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