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Does treadmill walking 30 min/day really make a difference?

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I just started (again!) walking 30 minutes a day at @3.0 on my treadmill. while I know it is better than nothing, does it really help? When should I raise the bar? Should I raise time, speed or incline or all  three?

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If it has a heart rate monitor, you can use that to have it automatically adjust to meet either a fat burn or cardio goal.  Basically, if you can easily carry on a conversation, you should consider increasing speed or incline.  Increasing any of the three will increase the overall calories you burn in a session.

I hope this helps! Smile

 Any time you move you burn more calories than when you're not, and walking or other cardio exercise has a helpful impact on your blood lipid profiles. So while it probably won't make a difference to the weight loss per se - weight loss is the same whether you create the deficit with exercise or pure diet - you'll be a lot healthier, and more likely to have long-term success.

Any type of exercise performed consistently will make a difference to your health... personally I think I'd go nuts tied to a treadmill everyday - I like to get outside into the fresh air for my exercise and walk in the real world. If that's not practical for you, then a treadmill is a lot better than nothing.

Try 2 days a week of HIIT training. Can be done on the treadmill, bike, swimming, outside whatever. I alternate. 3 days HIIT (sprinting) 3 days walking on the treadmill but I go fast and I move my arms a lot. Kind of like you would in boxing for the full 40 minutes to keep my heart rate up throughout. Very fast  paced. 3 days of strength training/lifting.

As others say, it will help--and if it what you like and what you will do, it will help a lot more than something you quit doing after 2 weeks!

As for "raising the bar," only do that if you really want to. Again, if it makes you dislike the exercise, it is counterproductive.

and only change one thing at a time if you do decide to make a change. Give any change time to become your new norm before making another change. The current wisdom is to add no more than 10% to your workout per week, so you could increase speed to 3.3 mph or add 3 minutes/week to your workout, see how it feels . . . Just go slowly and remember that sticking with it is, in the long run, most important of all.

Good luck!

I hate the treadmill so this is not something I personally have tried. In the summer of 2007 my mom started the South Beach Diet. It was pretty random of her to do so but she said she was upset when she was shopping for clothes and realized she was looking at maternity tops. She doens't like scales and says she hasn't known her weight in 15 years so she goes by pant sizes. So June 2007 she was a size 22-24 in womens. For about a month she just ate less and dieted and her pants were loose and she was fitting into old size 18-20's that she had around the house. So in July 2007 she got a membership to the local YMCA, she was going 5 days a week for 15-30 minutes and just walking on the treadmill. By Christmas 2007 she was a size 10. It was weird to see her so thin! Then she started working out less and eatting normal foods. Now she does yoga (Hatha yoga, not pilates) twice a week and once or twice a week 30 mintues on the treadmill. She said what helped her on the treadmill was building up to having it on its highest slope and a moderate speed for 15-20 mintues. She doesn't run on the treadmill, just walks and she has mainted a size 10 with no dieting for the past year. I have no idea if this will help you.

i lost 86 pounds & pretty much my only exercise was walking.  so yeah, it works!  i'd bump it up though.  i walk at 4 mph.  that might be too fast for you, so do whatever is comfortable, i guess.

of course, i eat better now, too.  :D

Thank you so much to everyone who has responded. I have been keeping things the same this week...walking 30 minutes at 3.0 and so far I haven't died! On Sunday, I will increase the speed to 3.3 and do that for a week. I don't think I would have kept going if I hadn't had so much advice. Kiss Love ya!

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I have been at it for 8 months -- started outside at 30 minutes a day (about 2 miles).  Then, as it is getting colder, the treadmill for 30 minutes:  2 min at 3mph, 0 incline, then 2 min at 5% incline, 2 min at 8%, 2 min at 12%, 2 min at 15%, 2 min at 12%, 2 min at 8%, 2 min at 12%, 2 min at 15%, 2 min at 12%, 2 min at 8%, 2 min at 12%, 2 min at 15%, 2 min at 12% and finally, 2 min 0 incline (cooldown).

I have lost approx 25 lbs without changing eating habits too drastically.  I know it's slow weight loss -- but also, blood pressure is down and feel awesome!

p.s.  also Leslie Sansone or other dvds once in awile

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