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Treadmill Users: tricks to staying on? what do you do?

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Howdy! Do any of the treadmill users here have tips to staying on longer?  I invested in a home treadmill last summer and started by reading magazines while walking.  Then I went to jogging and watching DVDs at the same time (we have the Avengers series, but I'm almost through the episodes).  I'm about to get on and watch Fur which we rented yesterday and didn't watch.  Any helpful hints to staying on the treadmill for a longer period of time will be very appreciated! Thanks, Nancy
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I'm in the Navy and we work out every morning, but on Tuesdays and Wenesdays we work out on our own and that's when I get on the treadmill. 

You know how if you keep looking at the clock, time seems to go by slower?  Well, the same goes for the timer on a treadmill.  At first I use to try and run for 20 - 25 minutes and I would keep looking at the time and it felt like 20 minutes after only like 8.  Now I put my towell over the time and just run untill I can't run anymore and when I look at the time finally I'll be up to where I wanted (if not more!)  When you don't pay attention to the time, it seems to go by faster, especially if you have a DVD or music or anything else to keep your mind off the actual running.

Good luck!
yea, i always tape over the time and listen to music. i don't get off until i finish an entire cd. or i watch a nice action movie where people are always active :D
We get that Blockbuster Total Access plan. It seems like we've always got a movie in the house. I throw a DVD in, walk through 1/3 of it, sit for a bit, then walk through the rest.  I can't hear well, so I turn the subtitles on. I'm so busy reading subtitles, I don't have time to worry about what time it is.
My treadmill is parked right infront of the tv... about 7 feet away so it is perfect. I can surf the chanels- find something good, and watch TV as I run.
I like to have multiple things going on to keep me busy.  I don't find a  channel to watch until after I've started walking/ jogging.  This way, you're excercising while changing the channel.  Also, I have a book to read during commercials, which i use to cover up the time.  I agree with everyone above who say to not watch the clock.  
I second the Navy gal, I cover the display and either read or listen to podcasts, and then I can't BELIEVE how fast the time goes by.  Last night I did 30 mins on the elliptical that way, having never done more than 8 minutes previously!
I do not know how you guys can read on the treadmill!!!  I bounce around so much that it makes me sick.  TV works great for me though.  I second the notion that not looking at the time makes time fly!!
I run for 45 minutes on the treadmill almost 3 days a week.  My trick is to just take it in 5 minutes increments.  Meaing I do the following

Minutes 0-3 run at 6.5

Minutes 3-5 run at 7.5

Then I start all over.  So I really only concentrate on getting through the 5 minutes.  The next thing I know is I have done a lot more than I think.  And then I normally and bored around 30 minutes but then I tell myself that I only have three more sets to go. And I seem to make it. 

I also watch tv at the same time.  it helps as well.
Thanks gang, for the excellent tips.  I wish I could read a book while on the treadmill but I bounce too much.  When I was looking at magazines it was more like looking at the pictures rather than reading.  My treadmill is in the computer room so no tv and I have to jump off to change anything but sometimes I need that :)  just for a little rest.  My treadmill however doesn't have a good ledge for a magazine or a book, which makes it awkward but I manage with DVDs for now.  I am thinking of getting that pay-one-time TV service that some companies are offering through the internet but I would like to hear from someone who has the service themselves before I buy it.  Thanks again everyone!! Nancy
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I listen to audiobooks as well.  That seems to help make the time fly by when I am really involved in a book.
Personally, when I am having a hard time staying on i do an on/off series. for example.... 5 min walking with the treadmill raised all the way up.... then lower it and run for 5 min..... then back to raised up and it twice and its already 20 min.... but then again i guess that only works if the treadmill you have raises up... hope that helps
I echo the previous post.  If I mess with the incline and speed....time can fly much faster than just sticking to one pace at one incline.  Plus I work other muscles when I do that :).  I may have to try the audiobook though....that's a really good idea.  I also have some comedy CD's that might be good.....hmmm just a thought.
i listen to my ipod and watch the food network.   for some reason i eat less when i watch it most likely because i won't spendallthat timemaking it.   it alsohelps that i do it while the baby naps so iknow when she wakes up im done. 
oh  yeah i watch my calories burnt insteadof my time that number fling up makes me go faster and longer
maybe you could do books on cd from your local library if the dvds are getting boring.  That way you could say to yourself things like "I'll just stay on until the next chapter is over" or something like that.
I see a lot of people at the gym who put towels over the timer, but I just can't do that.  I think I'm too anal retentive, I absolutely have to see the timer, as well as all the other stats.  My trick is to stick to a schedule (as you can probably guess, I always have a schedule!  Heh) which means that I set aside an hour for the treadmill.  Most people have some sort of schedule for their day even if they don't have a job to go to, so my suggestion is to schedule a time for the treadmill.  I go immediately after work and stay on for 55 minutes.  I also watch tv but I'm stuck with whatever they put on at the gym, so sometimes I can't really use that to distract myself.  Sometimes I just think, "POWER THROUGH IT, WOMAN!" which actually does motivate me.  And my last trick is to reward myself with food.  I know that's not a popular trick with most people, but I run 25-30 miles a week and keep a really healthy diet most of the time, and I'm at a great weight.  So on occasion I will tell myself,"one more mile and you can go out for Mexican tonight!"  That always works, hee.
I put a magazine over the timer, and throw on a movie and walk... I have to distract myself in oreder to walk for an hour - an hour and a half. 

All these tips listed here are all good and worth trying, not everything will work for everyone, try them and see what works for you!
Wow, even more great ideas to stay on, thanks people!  I would love to do the CD book idea but am in a foreign country and my Italian isn't that GREAT :(  I'm into the food reward trick!!!  I run the same amount as you do, jenka.  I like that auto-command, POWER THROUGH IT, WOMAN! that is awesome :)  I've been using the treadmill after lunch and it's been helping to cover the time.  Yesterday I fiddled with the incline and speeds to mix it up, while watching a SHerlock Holmes DVD.  I'd love to get the Prime Suspect series as well as ALL of the Richard Attenborough documentaries, I'd stay on for hours just to watch those over and over again.  I'm going to print these suggestions out and keep them by the treadmill, yeah!
Heh, if you really are into using food as an incentive, my suggestion would be to get on the treadmill before lunch.  There are actually two reasons: 1. so that you can use whatever delicious lunch is in your future to keep you going (for me it's usually a veggie, tofu, hummus and spinach wrap with a slice of cheese and low-carb tortilla -- yum!); and 2. it's better to work out on an empty stomach, otherwise the body will use the food in your stomach as fuel instead of fat.  Also I always get stomach cramps if there's food in there, but that could easily be just me.
I use an interval program when I am feeling really unmotivated.  Using speed or incline or both:

For example
5 minute warm up, 1 minute at high speed, 2 minutes recovery, 1 minute at high incline, 2 minutes incline regular.  maybe put some 30 seconds to 1 minutes in the middle.  I always do double the recover time than the interval time.

Also, when I reach the end, i sometimes dare myself to round up the calories burned to the next 50 or something like that.
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