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On the treadmill at a 4 mph pace and 15 degree elevation.I do it with my eyes closed

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Hey guys im new to the board. I started my diet on October 28th at 278. i currently weigh 245.3. i do my cardio with a 15 degree incline and at a 4 mph pace. i burn 800 Kcal in 40 minutes. But the most funny thing is that i do it with my eyes closed and somehow zone out and then i realize im done but dripping wet. LOL. well I just wanted to introduce myself and tell ya guys about my werd habit.

Stay healthy - frank
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Hey.. welcome welcome!... sometimes I feel like closing my eyes when I run too... but I run outdoors so it could be dangerous :P

Good Luck reaching your goals!!
I agree, closing my eyes makes it a lot easier to get into the groove of things and not realize just how fast/long/tired/sweaty etc things are becoming.

I only open mine to check the display panel once and a while. It really helps.

welcome to the boards! Good luck.

I don't run, but I want to start... Not sure about the eyes closed thing though. Sometimes I dance (by dance I mean air-drum to hardcore haha.) on the cross-trainer, like, only with my arms obviously... but it's a bit embarrassing when you don't realise you're doing it and the person next to you gives you weird looks...

Um, anyway! Welcome Frank!

alice x
Hi Frank, welcome to CC!  I moved this one over to Fitness since it seemed that was the bulk of your post. 

That is some crazy cardio!  I'm assuming you are walking it, which is crazy at 4mph at 15 degree incline!!  (Crazy in a good way - I don't think there are a lot of people here who could sustain that for 40 minutes.  That's awesome!)  But feel free to correct me if you are running.  If you are running, the obsessive worrier in me is compelled to ask you to please be careful, since running with your eyes closed could be a bit hazardous.  :) 

Also - congrats on your loss so far, that's fantastic!! 
well its on a treadmill so i think that eliminates most fo the danger. lol. but it isnt really a run. its more of a power walk. its a great workout.
Definitely sounds like a great workout!  Although, you might want to check out this thread and this one if you think treadmills are completely safe.  :)  Of course, I am a bit clumsy naturally, so that's probably why I worry about other people!!  :)
Wow!~ I was about to try 15 incline with 2mph! But maybe now i will try that at my regular speed of 4. :) In terms of spacing out, that's why I brought my sis with me to the gym. If ima just walking i need some chatting to go along with it to pass the time quick!
I'm totally trying this
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