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treadmill belt slipping/stopping while running!!

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The other day, i decided to challenge myself while running on the treadmill at the gym.  mind you they have high end gym machines so i never thought it would be a problem.  im now 260lbs and decided to try running at 8mph, which was going great and then it felt like the belt starting either slipping or stopping for a second at a time and it felt like i was going to fall.  it was a very uneasy feeling!   but once i slowed down it stopped happening.  am i too heavy to be running that fast or whats up??

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Has anyone else experienced this??
I had this happen with my treadmill at home and had to have someone come out and adjust the belt for me.  I would ask the gym management to take a look at the machine. 

My gym has one or two machines that do that.  The belts are too lose.

Try another machine next time.

 At the gym it shouldn't be a problem.  Most commercial treadmills are rated up to 300 lbs.  Did you say you were running at 8.0 MPH?  That is really fast!
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