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Tony Little Gazelle

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Hi All,

A friend of mine was going to throw away her "Gazelle" so she gave it to me for free.  Has anyone out there used this thing with any success?  I have been on it to try it out, and it seems fun, but I don't really feel like I am getting a "major" workout.  Is it compareable to an elliptical workout?  Any hints, thoughts or comments would be appreciated! :)

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My family had a "Gazelle" before, and we didn't use it much for the exact same reason.  It didn't seem to be helping much.  I'm sorry that I don't have any hints, but I thought there was an instructional DVD that came with it.  If there is, maybe there are some workouts on there.  Sorry if that's not much help!
It does come with an instrctional tape.  If you don't like to workout, this is fun!
I just bought a gazelle from a friend to get started with an exercise program.  I've had a gym membership for 2yrs now, but the only thing that lost weight was my wallet LOL.

The gazelle is not as "hard" as an elliptical, but when it's cold/rainy/crappy out, spending 30-45 mins on it burns way more than just sitting on the couch.  In 40mins, I can burn 336 cals  -- that's gotta be doing SOMEthing.

Eventually, as I can commit to 40mins 4x/day on my gazelle, then I'm going to buy an elliptical trainer.  I just don't have the $$$ right now, and this is a goal for me to work towards.
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I had a Gazelle two years ago and I worked out on it for about 3 months. It was a pretty good machine. When using it the regular way, I worked up a decent sweat and burned a decent amount of calories. For variation, I would stand on it sideways with one leg on each "leg" and cross my legs over each other. (Sorry I'm not so good at describing) That seemed to work out my leg muscles pretty decently. My biggest problem with the Gazelle was that it felt akward. Also, my knees locked a couple of time which wasnt' good either. Now I own an elliptical which I am 100 times happier with. I feel more comfortable on the elliptical which means I end up with a better workout :)
I have a gazelle and I use it everyday. It doesn't feel like you are getting a good workout while you are doing it but if you do 30 minutes at one time you will feel it the next day. I have lost 9 pounds in about 2 weeks. I burn about 415 calories an hour so it ads up.  I was akward on it at first but after a few times I started to feel more comfortable on it and now it is super easy to use.
The gazelle is awesome. I find when I'm in need of cardio that I missed at the gym, I get on the gazelle for an hour and feel much better. It's so easy to use, and you do work up a sweat. When I first bought it (4 years ago), my friends pointed out that I looked slimmer in the legs about 3 weeks after using it regularly. That cinched it for me.

After a break from it for a year and a half, due to space constraints, I've got it back and well, I love it!! It definitely works as long as you push yourself and don't go through it relaxing. You could "stroll" on it with not much change, but I find I get a better workout if I'm practically "running" on it.


Ren :D
Renoodle is right - the faster you go on it, the more it works.

The thing is, it does build up momentum, so it feels like you're not working very hard.  But remember, the thing that keeps those foot pads swinging is the muscles on YOUR legs and YOUR butt - it definitely works.

If you can get used to doing it without holding onto the handles, then swing your arms.  You'll find that if you use your legs to propel the motion with no help from your arms, you will definitely give your glutes and your legs a great workout.

I was the most toned i've ever been when i had my gazelle.  I sold it because I needed the money (and now regret it)
I love my Gazelle! I get a great workout. It is alot better then sitting down doing nothing and watching T.V. Like everyone else said. The Gazelle you have to do diffrent movements on it. Go faster and put more pushing energy into it and you will feel it the next day. I lost alot of weight on this machine when I used it everyday. I bought myself a new one and I love it! I use it while I wacth t.v or am talking on the phone.
I love my Gazelle.  Maybe it's not for the real athletic's out there but it does the trick for me. Like joelle said....better then sitting watching tv.  And It's fun.  Try it to upbeat dance music and really get into it.  When I do that I sure feel it. Lean forward a little and use your arms more..that helps to.
Love mine too - have had it for about a year and I have an old knee injury so the low impact is great.

As everyone said - the faster you go the more you burn and if you really stretch your glides you give your butt an awesome workout too!
I had a gazelle a few years ago but it didn't really work for me.  I never really felt like i could get an intense workout on it.  Plus, it wasn't very good quality.  I paid about $200 for it so you do get what you pay for.  It only lasted a little while until the cable holding one of the leg pieces snapped and i flew off.  That was the end of that. 
hey we had one of these. my mom threw it in the garage so I hauled it into my room when i first started exercising.  I wouldnt suggest buying it, but if someone is giving it to you, its worth the use.  You'll feel it in your legs and you get lost in time. I would leave it infront of my tv and glide on it while watching my 30 minute shows. Good times :) but when I moved, it was kind of large to haul. I just ordered slim in 6 so we'll see how this goes. :) good luck with the little.
i have a gazelle too!  I love it.  If you go at a fairly moderate pace and stride I find it is great workout.  I like this machine more than an elliptical beccause it is easy on all joints such as the knees.
I just bought the basic one from my cousin.  She didn't like it because she said it made her feel dizzy.  I did it for a little while on Saturday, trying different things with it since she forgot to bring the videos with her.  I found that if I make slow more deliberate moves with my legs that it gets my heart rate up more (maybe because most of my weight is in my legs?).  I also found that if I just wanted to work my arms, I kept my legs still and pulled back with my arms to move my legs.  I was on it for 30 minutes mintues this morning, and the time flew by as I watched TV. 

I just started back on my weight reducing journey today, and I will see what kind of results I get from this machine. 
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I just got a Gazelle from the Goodwill for $20 in perfect condition!  I really love it.  Can anyone tell me how to start the computer?  I can get it to change modes, but I can't get it to start, like I'll put it on the time mode but then how do I get it to start?
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