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Toning armpit fat....

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I am wanting to tone up the area between my breasts and arms...aka second boob for women! I am not sure the actual term, but I want to tone up that area and get rid of the fat. What are some of the best ways to tone up that area?
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I don't know the exercise to do this either but I am watching for any reply you get. I also have this problem. Good luck inyour weight loss - lifestyle change.
try yoga.  it will strengthen your back, chest and arms like you wouldnt believe.   I like doing power yoga, it gets my heartrate up, (like cardio)   I used to have the (jelly rolls) on my back. 3 of them on each side to be exact.  Working on the last one right now.  I see definition in my spine... looks so sexy when flexed.   Just be patient.  and keep at it.   dont be surprised if you drop a bra size.
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I don't have much time for exercise, and while I would love to do Yoga, I find it's too slow and I can't get enough in to get a real workout.  Do you have any suggestions for me.


Linrosmerc; what you've experienced is most likely hatha yoga which is supposed to relax and release- there are many different types. Power (or Ashtanga) yoga is a faster moving program that is done in a heated room (if you're at a studio). It's INTENSE.

Albob22- I'd say definitely yoga because I think if you firm up the pectoral muscle it should help. 

If you do any free weight training, fly outs work wonders, they've toned my second boobs down to almost nothing.

...along with 60 min. of cardio 3-4 times a week and other free weight strength exercises of course. t%20Dumbbell%20Fly ;

I do them standing, with a slight bend at the elbows, making sure never to lock your knees.  Start with a lower weight and work your way up.  I do 3 sets of 12 reps.  That link will show you the prone position of doing them. 

fly is def good, but i'd do about 80-100% of your max, only 6 reps, and about 4 sets. also chest press (w/dumbbells or on the bench) will help, coupled w/cardio =)
There is no such thing as toning muscle. You're either building it or you're not. Also, you can't spot reduce fat. If you have a layer of fat there, you're going to have to lose it the old fashioned way: reduce your calories! If you're already doing that and the area is being stubborn, you'll just have to wait it out.

As for chest/back exercises: Chest flies and rows, with actual weights. No machines, no 5lb weights. Your back and chest are strong, work them with real weights!
Pushups have always been the best exercise i've found for the entire underarm lat/pec area.
I found that pull ups/chin ups work best for me.  You can pull up with you arms further apart, a "Y" shape or keep them close together, an "I" shape.
The y will work your back much more as well, while the I concentrates on your chest.
At least that's where I feel it the most the next day ;) Hope that helps!

just reading along

I've been down to 14.1% body fat and still had "extra boobs" between my arms and chest. It was quite frustrating, because I had almost no breasts, but my "extra boobs" were still there. I also did aloooot of pushups. The real kind, not the girl kind. I'm kind of over it.

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