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Any suggestions on what exercises I could do to tone up my inner thighs and buttocks? My legs are actually pretty slender and muscular, until the very top, where the inner thigh BULGES. this is on both legs, at the very top. and my bum is also very fleshy; not very toned AT ALL. any specific exercises to get these areas WAY LESS fleshy in time for august? THanks, all answered are appreciated.
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Squats with weights, dead lifts, lunges.


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leg lifts with an exercise ball between your ankles... when you squeeze the ball, you can definitely feel it all along the inner thigh.

Squats and lunges are still much better.

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I agree with spirochete.

I just recently started doing squats and lunges on a regular basis (3x/week) and I lost an inch around each thigh and I feel like my butt has lifted a little within 5 weeks. 

Good luck!

My trainer showed me a simple exercise that has really made my hips and bum look lush!

Lie on your side on the floor, supporting your head weight on your arm and keeping your body inline with your other arm (so you dont lean forward). Slowly lift your leg up so you feel your muscles in your thighs twitch.

Do about 20 of these very slowly. By th time you reach 16 it will hurt! Then repeat this 3 times. So that you have done a total of 50-60. Its quite an easy exercise but you get results within 3 weeks. Its also good as you can watch tv at the same time! Hope this helps. Good luck!

on top of all the exercises mentioned, re-evaluate your menu, just in case you can tweak some fat loss. you may be able to strenghten the muscles, but they would be hidden by fat if that is where it is being stored~

If you want to "tone" your thighs and butt (your using the word tone incorrectly, but I'm pretty sure I know what you mean) you have 2 options, either make the muscles in those areas bigger, or burn the fat that is covering them (by the way, vixabb's suggestion will be remarkably inefficient at doing either of these).

So if you want to build the muscles in your thighs/butt more your best bets are squats and deadlifts, lunges are also a good idea. If you want to burn the fat covering these areas you need to burn fat everywhere, weightlifting while focusing on large muscles groups (i.e. legs) and compound movements (i.e. squats, deadlifts, lunges) is the most efficient way of doing this.

Glute Lifts ( Targets the Butt )

Kneel on the floor on all fours, hands directly under your shouldres, knees under your hips. Keep your back flat, abs tight (hold them in), and hips square to the floor.. Raise your right leg, keeping it up bent at 90- degree angle, until your legs is parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your knee back down to the floor, then up again. pressing your foot toward the ceiling and squeezing your butt as hard as you can. If you have a partner, you can ask them to help you by pushing on your foot giving you added resistance.. This really works, my trainer does these with me, and it helps with the butt.. You can feel it working.. Start off with 15 reps of these, and work your way up to 20... Repeat on the other leg.. You want to make this movement smooth with control.. It's more like a donkey kick..

Inter & outter Tight.. I call it and you are going to laugh.... ( Male Dog )  You want to get on all fours again, and you want to be bent, and you want to lift it as if you are going to use it on a tree.. Now! Now! This really works... I saw this on the a early morning show a year ago...  Doing this targets to areas, the inside and the out.. You will really feel this.. Do these slowly with controlled movements.. 15 reps working your way to more when you get use to them..

Dead Lifts

Hold a weight in each hand... 2 or 5 pounds... I use 10pounds, but this is a great one for the back of your legs and your butt as well... Stand with your feet and shoulders width apart, knees slightly bent. (1) Keeping your back flat.. Don't have a hump in your back when you do this.. You want to keep that back flat, like an iron board.  Bend forward at your lower hips taking the weights down to the floor, but don't touch the floor. You want the weights to be over the top of your feet. Slowly lift up, keeping that back flat, and return to your starting point and repeat.. 8 to 10 reps of these will do, and you get use to it you can add more.. 

When you do this.. Make sure your butt is pushed outward, and not in... This is the point of why the back must be flat to keep your but out.. It's like bending down, and lifting something the wrong way.. This also will work your love handles in your lower back... Oh when your flexibility gets stronger you can go on and rest the weights on the floor, that will give you a deep pull in that butt area. I like to stay over the feet.. It still works good for me at this level.. I do this now, 30 times every days. It's good on the butts, and it's a good warm up for a walk..

Good Luck..


I bought a stepper from argos for about £20. 5 minutes on that every morning works a treat :)


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